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Hey guys.

Some of you may remember me. I had this for a while.

HOnda NSR125 JC22.

I fightered it, then put the fairings back on and sold it after passing my test. I then got this..

Honda CBR600F4I 2002.

Crash damaged. Fightered this too, then someone rear ended me and that was that. I then got a tax rebate from the government and went and brought this..

CCM R30 650cc Supermoto.

I fucking loved this bike and it was perfect for abusing and terrorising everything and everyone. But it was very limited and because I do alot of miles etc, I didn't want to put a single through all that.

So I then went ahead and swapped the CCM for this..

Suzuki GSXR750 WS 1995.

Tatty paint, but it's low mileage. It just hadn't been looked after when it was used. Plans are to get rid of the fairings because their all mismatch and shoddy as fuck.

Get a sexy tail made up, get some sexy lights. get some bling bits, find a subtle belly pan, get some carb scoops, risers, renthals, digi dash and a paintjob. It won't be radical but it'll do me.

I'm not one for big ideas, I have no idea what to do and have no artistic flair.

Any ideas you can throw my way will go down a treat.

Cheers :) Carl.
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