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As im planning on a lot of work this winter, I figured ill join the contest to help me keep a dead line.

1995 Katana 750 frame.

My friends nicknamed it banshee as it screams by them and scares the hell out of them
All engine services & mods will be done through Pro Stock Performance & Dyno
---→If you're from the Cincinnati area I highly recommended checking them out. They will work with you on anything wether its maintenance or full blown engine builds.

Mods im aiming for

1989 Gsxr 1100 intake camDone
Manual cam tensionerDone
15/47 sprocket ratio Done
530 x-ring JPR chain Done
Bandit 1157 swap Done
Rear wave rotor Done
All New Gaskets Done
LED Turn SignalsDone
R6 shockDone
Attack Windscreen/cowlIn the process of purchasing
Paint job -orange/black(Paint) Purchased
Barnett clutch spring Purchased
Wisco 1216 11:1 piston kit Installing
Redesigning subframe Designing
multi Disk Plate exhaust Incomplete
6" extended swing arm Incomplete
Attack style belly pan. Incomplete
Led Break conversion Incomplete
Reshape side fairings Incomplete
5* ignition advance Incomplete
Rear splash guard Incomplete
High flow header Incomplete
Bigger Oil cooler Incomplete
Attack style tail Incomplete
Gsxr 5.5" rim Incomplete
180/55 tyre Incomplete

Im aiming for 150hp with over 100lbs of torque.

My personal requirements.

My Banshee has to run off pump gas.
It has to be able to drive in city traffic and not overheat constantly
It has to be able to turn reasonable well.

Misc notes

Bandit head has 28.5mm intakes and 25mm exhausts.
30mm in/26mm ex is largest w/out having to cut larger seats

stock 28.5 mm valve unported.............95 cfm
stock 28.5 mm valve ported...............115 cfm
30 mm valve ported..........................125 cfm
31 mm valve with bigger seat ported...135 cfm

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The invoice that was emailed to me has my start date proof, I will take a picture of the physical sheet once I get it back from the shop after the labor has been payed.

Bike looked like this

Here is the original invoice, bike was dropped off 11/6/15

New engine arived 11/11/15

1157 installed on 11/28/15

1989 gsxr 1100 intake cam installed on 12/4/15

Invoice for the 1216 kit

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I estimate my total spendings from 1/11/15-5/31-16 to be $5820

Here are the parts list

$520 1216 11:1 big bore piston kit

$399.89Bandit 1200 engine

$80.00 R6 rear shock

$10.00 6mmX10mmX12mm bushing

$50.00 89 gsxr intake cam

$60.00 manual cam tensioner

$45.00 valve cover gasket

$45.00 rear wave rotor

$75 120lk 530 JPR X-Ring chain

$16.80Steel 15t 530 front sprocket

$39.04Steel 47t 530 rear sprocket


$55.00Cdi Box


$21.95JR9B NKG Spark Plug

$9.50.K&N oil filter

$22.99Barnet clutch springs

$52.40Full stock b12 exhaust system

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Timeline for mods

November- December
Bandit 1157 engine swap★
Gsxr cam★
Cam tensioner★

December- January.
Save for piston kit ★
1216 kit★
R6 shock★

Reweld tank support
Wield and brace frame
Chop and weld new supports for subframe
Brace swing arm

March- April
5 5" gsxr rim
New tyres
Swing arm extension.

Body work
-Tail fairing
-Belly fairing


Out Of Time

Future plans


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Yahoo, I just purchased my R6 shock

Its a little pricey but it looks great.
Hopefully it will preform as good as the pictures look.

This will lower the rear by 3/4" so I will be lowering the forks to match the correct geometry.

I'm short @ 5'2" so touching the ground is a bit difficult. Before I had lowering links I couldn't get my big toe on the ground XD

Ill ditch the lowering links in place for the stock ones to prevent the bike being lowered to much. The new tail should have a lower seat profile and will allow me to sit closer to the ground.

Ill need a 6mm long 10mm(id) 12mm(od) bushing for it to fit my kat.
Ill source one and post a link below.

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Yep, My new shock bushings are on there way

A set of 4 with same week shipping for $10 shipped

Fast shipping

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Package time :D

Im pretty sure ill have to take about 1/64th off.

Its close but if you line it up its just a hair to thick.

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Everything is all buttoned up and ready.

Im waiting on my new rear rotor sine i was shipped the wrong one.


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AND finally its first start time

My katana 750 officially has a running b12 swapped and running good.

Brief video of the b12 engine running, cam chain I believe still needs dialed in.

Now its time to pull it and send the jugs out to get bored.

My 1216 kit will be arriving soon

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Update! After over a year of putting the project aside I'm back and ready to finish it.

The B12 block is disassembled and the jugs are shipped off to get machined.

Picture coming soon.
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