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Once again Fighter Fest was a great time. Each year we spend the weekend with each other and it is such a great time. It is a group that ( I think ) makes everyone feel at home.

I would like to point out a few people that made it work again this year;

Thanks to Dan " Superbeast" Karns: without a doubt Dan stepped up and offered his shop as refuge to this years event and made us all feel welcomed at his shop. His staff was great and were very accomidating to us:

Thanks to Danny Chaos for lugging a grill some 150+ miles to make sure that everyone got fed proper on Saturday

Thanks to Spyder for providing the service shop on wheels and for spending his time working with everyone to help get them running and keep them running throughtout the weekend.

Thanks to the VS crew for coming and showing its support. It also didn't hurt that they showed up with FREE T-Shirts .........

Thanks to the memebers and non-members ( sign up ) that showed to make that event possible. The event itself does not and can not happen without the support that it gets from the people that show.
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