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The 7Fiddy - A K7 gsxr 750 story

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Finally picked up a new project. This wasn't the deal of a life time like some have found, it was just a project, at an ok price (probably over-paid), but in buying it I was helping someone fund part of their business venture. :thumbsup:

With good karma in mind, I present to you 7Fiddy, which I got over the weekend:

I'll take more pictures as I start digging into it.
On my short list:
- Fix brakes (front is mush, rear is dragging)
- Fix clutch (chinese levers aren't working it seems)
- Fix broken front wiring (cut/loose wires preventing the start)
- Add missing engine bolt and un-bend right rear set(it was laid down on right side so bent brake and ripped off frame slider)
- Get it running
- Clean up the front 'fighter' headlight

Once the above is done, and I've put some miles on it, then probably the following (usual stuff):
- Dirty bars
- LSL style headlight
- dirty number plate with single HID light
- rear pegs (current subframe has broken tabs and no pegs)
- FI cage
- belly pan

The bike came with a 520 kit, which I may keep/remove and some GP style exhaust.

More updates to come hopefully this week.
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Nice buy very interested to see how it turns out
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Going to have some fun with this!
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DO NOT get an FI cage. If u want the slim not so bulky look, get race rails. But if that doesnt matter, go Atown customs or SI.

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DO NOT get an FI cage. If u want the slim not so bulky look, get race rails. But if that doesnt matter, go Atown customs or SI.

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I do like the SI cages, but being charged extra for the sliders feels dumb - Didn't know about a-town though, looks pretty good, but the flash only site kinda kills it. I don't mind the bulkiness, but I want something that ties the bottom part of the bike.
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Since I never posted the official front-end:

Did some work today and started tackling brakes. Figured out that the tube I had planned on using for bleeding the brakes, well was too small. I'll also need some teflon, as apparently they are needed.

So instead of brakes I adjusted the clutch a bit and started working on the front-end wiring. Did I mentioned I picked up the bike without hearing it ever running?

How the wiring for the ignition came out:

Speedo wiring, in slightly better shape:

Ignition wiring all cleaned up, I'll do speedo tomorrow:

It's amazing to me that people hack wires back together, when modern bike rely so much on electronics. Once all wires for the ignition were cleaned up she fired up on first try!

Still has an FI light, but such a great feeling! At least now I'm 100% sure she can run

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Oh and pretty sure the rear brakes are slightly frozen, getting some lube to get the caliper piston greased up.
This is also what my rearset looks like, even unbolted:

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A town has great cages my buddy rocked one on his 750 i can send a pic if you like.

Your fi light might be on due to the bike being laid down on the right might have mess w the accuater value hooked on the subframe
Good work on getting her fired up.

One step at a time.

I actually bought that headlight but it does not put out nearly enough light, at all.
So its sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

Do you have any specific ideas for the project yet?
Looks like a nice ride. That headlight has to go though
It should be a nice ride, and I know the headlight has to go, but for now I just want to make it rideable instead of dumping of bunch of money to make it look how I want.

Probably end up making something like this, since I already have 2 bi-xenon projectors.

ps: I need to learn your ways of making gel-coat molds and make some parts!
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It is not hard at all. I never did the gel coat step before the Duc parts and we Always left with small pin holes. The gel coat makes it perfect.
Looks like you're missing something on that rearset there buddy
Don't think I'm missing (pedal is behind the peg HA - stupid angle) but it's definitely bent.
is that a full pipe or just slip on?

FI cages arent that well made and dont take very many hits and u have to keep retightening the bolts on them. thats why only pros really use them, cause their bikes dont get dropped as much as squidlies like me
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Just a slip on - I need to clean it up quite a bit and remove the exhaust servos
Looks like a good bike man, just needs some love for a minute! I feel your wiring pain; my bike's ignition had to be rewired, lights, starter switch, clutch safety switch, kickstand safety switch. Dumbass twisted the wires together and wrapped them with duct tape. It's awesome to get it done right though, knowing you did a professional grade job; especially on the brakes, a firm brake lever is something to be proud of.

Be sure to post about how you're doin your belly pan too, I'm dying to see a good lookin belly pan on a gsxr
Slow updates, but I forgot to post some last week.

Since I was missing a couple of bolts, I went ahead and bought a box of misc bolts and parts on eBay.
$30 got me this:

Once sorted I got a good amount of misc bolts, except the brake master ones, which was stripped on mine :doh:

Couple of rusted exhaust bolts, which I threw in some CLR to see if it would help:

A lot of useable stuff anyway, like this plate thingy, which was missing on mine (no clue what it does), but it was in the box, so I putted it on.

Since the seat was removed I did the set valve mod, which is really cutting/removing 1 wire on the ecu, so I don't have an FI light for the stupid exhaust valve that doesn't open/close.

Clutch was pretty loose, so I adjusted it per the manual, which means loosen it at the bars, then adjust it down below. Then fine-tune at the bar.

Did a complete brake fluid flush, since the system didn't brake properly and had a lot of brownish stuff. This is what I used:

Even with worn pads, bleeding made a night and day difference. The front-master splurged some nastiness which reinforced the fact that this was much needed. (ordered pads too)

Cleaned and lubbed the chain, along with a quick wash with some engine degreaser foam:

Helped a little bit, not super clean, but much better than what it was. Then I wanted to get a feel for the bike in all black/gray. Will probably end up with a glossy black middle tank/tail and graphite side (like the tail fairing is right now)
So plastidip'd the tank - Wrapped the bike in plastic:

No matter how 'easy' it is to remove, There are a lot of open spaces on a bike that I wouldn't want this plastic stuff to get into.

After the 2nd (or 3rd) coat:

Finally 3rd (or 4th) coat:

All done!

The pros may already see it, but apparently I painted this more like regular paint, instead of plastidip method - Which means I went light coats after light coats, instead of 1 heavy coat then light coats. If you spray it from a distance, which is what I did, you end up with more of a rhino-liner type surface that isn't smooth.
This wasn't exactly what I wanted and I had no idea that it could end up like this. There are a couple of techniques to clean this mess, like 'Fonzie' here explains:

So that's what I'll be doing next, then getting temp plates, to get it passed inspection (out of state purchase) and finally ride that thing for a bit.
I already have some 'mask' idea for the front and purchased some lights. Once it's all running and legal I'll get started on the mask.

(I know it's not all that exciting, but eh...)
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