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Hi Everyone,

So I've been tinkering with bikes for about 3 years now and now want to make a proper streetfighter (not just sticking dominator headlights on and jacking back end up)

Background: My bandit 600 is mk1 1996 model, It was given to me by my dad for passing my bike test first time. The Bike in fairness has had a rough life, first owner got killed on it, second owner lost his leg, Dad partially rebuilt it I finished it off then I got knocked off on motorway by some twonk not using his mirrors.

Anyway, I'm attached to this bike, It's my first proper bike and the "history" of this bike makes me love it more (strangely) and want to spend some money on making it look as sinister as possible.

I'm calling it "The Black Pearl" as in the ship from pirates of the Caribbean as its been to hell and back.

It already has the usual short stubby can, jacked up dog bones, dominator (bate) headlights K&N cone air filters. Now I don't want it to be the fastest thing in the world (got a gixxer for that) I just want it to turn heads!

Heres my plan but I need your advice on the right parts, any problems you've had before etc.

I'm thinking of sticking a gsxr 750 rear end on (swing arm, wheel, maybe suspension) as the one on mine (k6 model) looks pretty chunky and has a wide back wheel, does anyone know if i would have to do any adjustment on the chain? as in the allignment, Not sure if it will just slot in?

I'm gunna chop the back end make it a single seater, with a short tail for the lights etc make it look like the swing arms extended.

Headlight: I've seen a few bikes that have bandit lids on the front, gas masks, some have similar things to an iron man etc thinking of going with one of these (gunna decide later) Opinions welcome!

Tank: I'm gunna have a custom tank made, I want folded sheet metal tank. The kind of design I'm after is lord saurons helmet from the lord of the rings. (got a guy on this already)
(will try to upload a pic of what I'm on about)

Front end: complete r1 front end with upside down forks with a digital speedo.

So thats what I've got planned for now, any advice or tips are more than welcome.

Thanks for reading.

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