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supermoto created bytwo swedes, Roland Duss and designer Lino Amati.

Bike has a 90 degree Vtwin, 1050cc, eight valve oil cooled engine. CNC'd from solid metal. (upper crankcase alone, supposedly took 205 hours). claimed 120 hp at 9500 rpms and 103Nm (?) of torque. with a dry weight of 319 pounds.


this is his website i guess...i cant view it at work cuz this comp is SHIT!

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DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! a right sided single sider thats NOT a bimmer. WAAAYY too sick.

and just a thoguth from a mcahinist/engineer. if one part took 205 hours then your process engineer needs fired. hopefully thats just the proto part, otherwise they won't be in business long.
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