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The Fallen Angel- HickLife build

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So i figured since I've been on the forum for about a year now its high time I posted a build up. Especially since I've been DW and the only pics people have seen is when she still had all her clothes on. Not gonna lie its probably gonna be a slow build what with money restraints and all, but it'll get done the way I want no less. So if you never saw her before here are some before shots.

After that I got a full yoshimora exhaust, some dominator headlights and a bar end mirror and stripped her down to this.

The Mrs. sitting at scraping the coast ^

I had no way of mounting the gauges onto it so ultimately they got ziptied on :doh: you can see it in the back ground of an upcoming pic. I also decided I hate silvery shiny anything but black or dark dull colors on her so as you can see the exhaust was stainless...... yuck. But nothing a little high temp paint and 74.5 ft of exhaust wrap can't fix (I say 74.5 cause I ordered 75 ft and used all but 6" of it, talk about lucking out.)

I hated the zipties from the moment I put them on there but what are ya gonna do? Take an old neighborhood watch sign and chop it up thats what. While I was at it to save some room and for lack of any ideas of where else to put the dang thing except for right in front of the key I did a little mod to remove the BAS. No pics of that just putting it out that I did it. Alright more pics.

Exhaust after I scuffed it up and painted it^

The wrap I used^

All wrapped up. You can see how little was left^

This was my first idea for a mounting bracket. Turned out it was too flimsy and it bounced around a lot.

So I did this^ it attaches to the bolts on right around the keys and then the arms go down and tie into the headlight brackets.

And that is how she sits now. I have a huge laundry list of what I want to do to it including a USD fork swap, probably from a cbr1000rr and have those powder coated black or a dark grey with fork shrouds and possibly custom milled triple clamps, frame powder coat, motor swap is being thought of but that'll depend on if the motor i'm thinking of using will even fit between the frame, swing arm swap to SSSA thinking VFR but who knows what it'll end up being, tail swap/custom tail, custom tank cover that doubles as a radiator shroud, not really a mask but more like a headlight shroud to look like slats (kinda like blinds on a window or the front of an old train. This build, since it is my first one, will test my skills, I have never done fiberglass work, never swapped a swinger and the list goes on, but I've always believed the best way to learn is to do so here goes!:robssmilie:
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Definitely thought about it, I've seen people do it. what do you do? just swap the sides and all the things on them and shave of the positioning tabs?
Looks good +1 on flipping the clipons
You don't have to shave any tabs off just switch sides and flip them upside down.
Thats right, the positioning tabs would be upside down so it wouldn't matter. :doh:
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i dont know how it is on the 03-04 600rr but on the 07 u couldnt flip the clipons because they had a big rise to them so if u flipped they were way too low
also hope she dont ride with u with that outfit she has on in the pic
No she doesn't ride like that. She met me there thats why she is dressed like that lol. Jacket, helmet, jeans and over the ankle shoes at a minimum when we ride. They dont look like they have much of a rise if any, but i have seen where people flip them and put then on top of the triple tree. so we will see how that goes
if they dont have a ride then yea id put them on top of the triple flush with the top of the fork legs
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So my last post on this thread was over a year and 2 months ago.... Not alot has happened with her since then, yall know how it goes, life gets in the way. I did buy a house though, about 2 months before I deployed here to spain (i'll be back in the states sometime next week) and most of my time was taken up by moving, unpacking, and putting a privacy fence all around the yard, oh and spending as much time with the wife as possible.

I do have a decent sized shed in the back yard though, I'll take pics when I get back, but its about 15x10 maybe a little more and it holds all my tools, my 2 bikes (I'm going to be parting out the zx9 when I get back to make more space and gain a little extra cash so I you need parts hit me up I probably have them), lawn mower and weedeater and my workbench I made during a finish carpentry class last year which is basically a really big cabinet.

Plans are still pretty much the same though, except for what I want to do for the headlight. I'm leaning more towards a number plate and a square LED light that I may be sourcing from a member. I decided against the motor swap, it would be too much work and not worth it. I'm still going to do a tail swap on it also, I'm thinking something like 370steve did since I dont have a welder but I also may be able to bend all the aluminum and source a local welder for a fee.

Quick question though, I have some galfer braided steel brake lines that I bought after my last deployment and never put them on, but I still want to use them after I swap the front end out. If I get a newer model 100rr front end will the lines fit it or will I need to get different ones?

And also I want a real low rise dirt bar, what is the lowest one to get without going to drag bar? I want a 1 1/8 bar also
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Closest thing to a low-rise dirt bar that I can think of is just a set of superbike bars or euro bars. They're gonna be 7/8 though. In the future I'm going to stay away from 1 1/8 bars. For my purposes they are just dead weight,bulky and require more expensive risers. I dont need the strength. Just my two cents.

Congrats on the house and coming home soon. Good luck on your project
Those are some good points, I like the superbike bars a little more than the euro's I think, I want the bars to come out more flat and the euro's dip down more than I like. it looks like a mopey dog or something to me. I was thinking 1 ⅛ mainly for the aesthetics of a big fat bar, but also the style of riser I want would basically cover that up and make that point kind of useless. I like the ones that span over the top to both risers
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Well i bought about 300 dollars worth of parts this past week.

Here's the list-

New lithium battery, old lead acid wouldnt even take a charge and figured i would go lith eventually so why not now.

Brake rebuild kits, front and rear. Front mainly needed it and figure might as well do em all

Brake pads

Bike master superbike bars

Risers, may take some off the bottom of them, they may be a little tall for my liking and the need paint

throttle assembly (no buttons, gonna clean up the front and go keyless with hidden switch)

Brake and clutch lever with master cylinder and reservoir

Cnc reservoir to replace the one on the new lever cause its ugly as balls

2 push buttons, one for starter and other for horn

9v diode, since i need to step down the voltage for the ecu to think i'm not stealing it

I think thats about it, i also have brand new braided steel brake lines that i will be putting on. So basically the brakes will be like brand new.

I kinda scrapped the usd front end for now. May end up going with a custom triple and then some for shrouds. I'm gonna farm that out from a CF member here.

And a new tail is also coming up but i need the aluminum, taps, screws, clay/foam, fiber glass and resin, and eventually carbon fiber.

Thats it for now, i'll snap some pics when i get it all here and show the nice stash i'll have built up.
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Nice, looking forward to the DW!

And a new tail is also coming up but i need the aluminum, taps, screws, clay/foam, fiber glass and resin, and eventually carbon fiber.
And that!
I'm excited too, she's been shelved for too long. The only wrenchin i've done in the past year is on my mower. And that was flushing the carb out
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Good looking bike, and mate, good looking missus! The only bird I can get to pose on my bike is the small fry!
Haha thanks Pariah.

I just picked up my seals for the calipers and my new battery.

The battery is wider than i expected, i was thinking about half the width of a regular one but its just the same size only an ⅛ the weight. Its a WPS featherweight and literally weighs A pound maybe a little more.

I'm gonna give it its initial charge when i get home and then start tearing into the bike till my wife makes me quit for our date night.

Its nice to finally get the extra cash to throw at the bike.

If anyone wants the lights let me know and i'll sell em cheap. I want a small square LED headlight now i think, with a number plate
Always read the fine print.... The risers I got I thought were for ⅞ bars, but they are actually for a 1 1/8 bars..... so I have to buy some other ones to make it work. So if anyone wants some risers that have never been used let me know and i'll let you have em for what I paid, 18.50 shipped.
Well here are the parts I have gotten so far. Minus the risers, which were the wrong size.

I FINALLY D'd some W today. I went in fully meaning to start working on the brakes but I ended up chopping the exhaust can.


Sticks out WAY to far, and plus it is leading up to the tail swap that I want to do which will be pretty stubby. More on that later.

I took it off and measure it, 18" end to end, and then split that in half and started hacking. I drilled out the rivets and then after some gentle persuasion from a hammer and with some wood for cushion I got the shortened muffle back together.

Minus one thing.....

The stupid fiberglass!!!!!! And the two pieces were wedged together like Gilbert Grapes mom and her bed. I then proceeded to try to beat it back off with a piece of wood and got no where.... So I took the other end cap off, which I did not want to do, after about an hour and then tried a few more times trying to unwedge the other end so I could wrap the matting around the tube and insert it properly. Well then I gave up and took the matting apart and just stuffed it into it and made sure is was full but not too packed.

Then I put it all back together and realized I forgot the hanger clips that were riveted to the exhaust :doh: so out came the drill again and I put them on and fit it back on the bike.

Only to find out I put them in the wrong spot :angry: I hate rework.

Drill came back out and and then popped them back on where they belong and then fit it back on.


Looks kinda strange under there right now because its so short and more or less hidden (which will be the end goal on the new tail, maybe... we'll see how the mock ups go) but I think it'll work out perfect for what I am planning.

Which is a little something like this-


I'm not settle on the mask yet, I'm also thinking a number plate. and also the part of the gas tank that rises at the front is where I want to plant the dash. I want the front as clean as possible.
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