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Hello folks. I'm Midgett. Lets see, a little about myself. I'm a Colorado transplant from Virginia. I grew up in VA, spent my first few years of my life at the local racetrack and the rest of my life going to as many carshows as I could with my dad (I'm pretty sure thats where my love for cars comes from). Then I spent bout 4 years in the Army. Got stationed in CO, got married, had 2 boys, got divorced, moved back to VA, moved to Hawaii for 11 months, moved back to VA and FINALLY came back to CO back in 2011. Now I'm married again and loving life. GO me!

Enough about me lets move onto my ride. The Monster is not actually a monster at all. It is an 01 Kawasaki ZR7 s that I call Francheska. Francheska came to be with me bout 3 years ago. I got her from a co-worker for 500.00. She has been sitting since 06 when she was wrecked. After sitting in my garage for bout 2 years I finally started working on her. As of now she is working and is on her way to being what my friends have told me is a Fighter.

Here are a few pics. Hope you like.


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