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ok, so the ram air and the exended cables are sorted, thanks for that guys,


the zxr750 im doin has a black frame, polished rims with black centers, old school big shiney chrome headlight and clocks.

I have a friend available to airbrush the bike (front mudguard, tank, seat cowl and hugger) any colour and style i want, but aint got a clue what to go for !!!!!!!!

any ideas ? sites to get some ideas from ? themes ??
not to keen on flames and a spiderman bike is definately out of the question !!!! what d'ya reckon ???


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i got a theme for and green with CF skulls!

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Pearl white and satin black is something I've never seen before. Satin black with a small amount of pearl white accents (scallops?) would look absolutely amazing.

Think about a satin black tank with pearl white scallops. It'd look like the black was being rubbed off to show a pearl underneath.
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