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I was riding home from work last night, and at a stop light the bike just stalled while in neutral. I assumed it was because the bike was almost empty on gas. So I get it home, put more gas in it today, and the bike is idling higher than normal. Took it for a very short ride, like 5 minutes. I notice as soon as I pull away that I have to really rev it when shifting gears, and especially from a stop, it tries to die anywhere below 2.5k. If I park and put it in neutral, it idles ok, a little bit high for me though. I noticed as well that the idle screw does NOTHING.
As soon as I release the clutch even a hair, bike dies.

Things I checked:
Coolant was low, but topped it off, no improvement. If anything, it was worse for a minute, wouldn't even idle. once I put coolant and water in. After about 10 tries to get it to idle, it finally went back to previous condition.

Vacuum leak:
I checked the vacuum hoses, everything LOOKS ok to my eyes. Everything was where it was supposed to be.

The last observation I had was that the bike seemed to run through a tank faster than normal.

This bike has been nothing but problems this year, after an amazing year last year. Very frustrated, need help!

Is my bike ok?
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Starting fluid is the best way to check for vacuum leaks. Or an unlit propane torch.

Are the headers cold at idle and only warm up if you rev the bike a little?

The symptoms you describe: not idling, idle adjustment has no affect, etc. sound like plugged pilot jets. Which I guess could be a result of debris coming out of a very low tank of fuel.
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