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alright i need to sell some shit. got too much laying around. let me know what you need and ill make ya a great deal. heres a few things off the top of my head

2000 R1 forks - just the forks
bunch of OEM GSXR exhuast
bunch of front fenders, old GSXR 06 gsxr1000
bunch of hayabusa plastic
929 subframe that i MAY sell. not sure yet
954 swinger that again i MAY sell
GSXR headlights. new style

pretty much of your looking for something let me know.
its easier for someone to ask me for a part and i go look than to list all the shit

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PM me about the GSXR a list of what you have..I may be interested in the fenders and such. Thanks. DZ

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mbe thats why its archived. :confused:
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