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Evening folks, I am currently doing a fork swap on my '01 Kat using a '98 TLS fork, all is good there. The problem is the guy who had the TLS before me drilled and tapped risers into the top triple for a 1" bar (and a home-made bar at that).

I want to replace the top triple and got searching around forums, etc and found sizing info on that says 99-07 Busa forks have the same geometry. With that in mind, could I just use a Busa top triple and clip-on bracket instead?

The reason I am throwing this out there is, I have found 2 different fork diameters for the TLS, TLzones chart is saying 50mm, but on other forum posts including here it says 52mm.

Could anyone firm this up, I have been searching for awhile now and keep coming up with 50mm and 52mm.

Here is a link to the chart on TLzone:

Thanks in advance :drinks:
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