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Had another trackday yesterday, I've just copy and pasted this from Kiwibiker (there's that laziness again!). Those decent pics of me haven't emerged yet but I'll find them, and there'll be some good ones from yesterday too.... Please excuse the references to mates on the other forum and the New Zealand place names.

I'm not one to usually bother with reports (too lazy) but thought my experience was worth sharing so here goes....

Was planning on going to Taupo on Tuesday, got up that morning to get a pm from bruce saying he'd forgotten to courier my rear tyre but he'd bring it down on Wednesday. That was cool, I could get it fittied before racing started. Then I rang the guys in Hamilton who had couriered my front tyre on friday but it still hadn't arrived..... after alot of fucking around and talking to monkeys,on the phone I managed to find out that it had been sent to Pukekoe instead of Te Puke! ARGHHH! fucken wankers.

Atleast this time I had a trailer sorted. So I went round to my mate's place to pick it up (at this time remembered that Darrell had a spare front). On the way back home with the trailer I went to pull out onto the main road and I snapped an axle in my car.

While sitting on the side of the road waiting for AA it seemed that someone really didn't want me to go and wondered if I should just give up..... but I'm not a quitter (unfortunately).

So got towed home(4pm at this stage) and proceeded to pull the rear end apart (knowing from previous experience that I can change the diff in just over 2 hours). Pulled the broken axle out and took it down to the wreakers on the bike. Sorted thru a pile of fucken axles looking for one that matched for about 1/2 an hour, till I came to the conclusion that it was a custom made one and there was no way in hell I was gonna get the car going again that night.

Wnet back home and rang a mate to see if I could borrow his van. He told me he'd check with the missus and get back to me.

At about 8:30pm I'm getting close to giving up but thought I better ring Darrell about that front tyre. Told him what was going on and the good bastard lent me their spare car, He and Sandi even came out and dropped it off with the spare tyre!

So by about 1030 I had the trailer hitched up, bike loaded and everything packed.

Got down to the track at about 0800, ripped the wheels off and took them into town to get the tyres swapped over. Missed the first session with all that.

Was my first time on a slick, went out in the 2nd session and did a DSS3..... but atleast I got 1 1/2 laps rather that 1 1/2 corners! Bike wasn't too bad and I was able to carry on for the rest of the day.

Learnt that you need to give slicks atleast 2 1/2-3 laps to warm up.... bugger!

Got timed in the last session and managed a 1.52 which isn't too bad as the track was getting cold and the rear was stepping out. I wish someone had timed me the previous session as I chased Bruce for a couple of laps and I know I was going quicker.

Crashed at Kiwifruits place last night and drank a few well earned beers. Headed back this morning and got home to find that the bike had fallen over in the trailer and scratched the screen, and snapped the mirror and brake lever off.... FOR FUCKS SAKE!

Regardless of all that shit, I still had a great day...

Would just Like to say a big thanks to:

Loosebruce, for spotting me that tyre, cheers man!
Mr Mulisha, cheers for the trailer bro, it's fucken mint!
Darrellperi, for hooking me up with the tyre and lendin me ya wheels, you're a legend!
Kiwifruit, without who there wouldn't be a trackday, and for the beers and a place to crash once again!

And ofcourse LB and Death for joining me in the dirt and helping me feel a little less stupid!
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