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I need a shower
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Hey all!

I am copying my thread from another forum, so they are edited and in order by date.

This is my latest build; a 1982 Honda CB900C. Hopefully all pics and links work but let me know if you noticed something's out of whack. This bike will be for sale sometime in the near future, but I may just enjoy it a while still. I repair and customize bikes as a hobby. I hope you enjoy my timeline as much as I'm enjoying the build itself.

I changed it's direction a few times, but you'll see that. You will also see in some photos a red CB750F that I have next up to work on too. Fun, fun - Enjoy the ride!

Nov 10, 2014 at 1:05pm

Well, matter of fact speaking. My '82 CB900 is now on the transport trailer and on the way. Yey!

It runs, and apparently runs well according to their listing. Carbs were rebuilt by dealer selling it on Ebay. No dealer fee! Good reputation too - 1533 positive reviews (100%) ... so I believe it. This was their description: "Honda CB900 Custom 1982 in good running riding condition. The pin striping on the tank is a little bubbly. Has very minor tearing on the seat. All under the edges. The engine paint isn't perfect. Has after market exhaust on it. We rebuilt the carbs, new plugs, new choke cable and oil change. Runs great." Additional description, "We have a very nice Honda cb900 custom ready to go.Motorcycle runs and looks good.Rebuilt carbs,plugs,choke cable and oil change.Tires and brakes are in good condition.Ready to ride.Motorcycle is fast.Has low and hi range."

Only 8K miles, I couldn't resist; it was second on my list after the CB750 fell through. Hoping for the best.

Speaking of dealer fees, I almost snagged another CB750 on Ebay from another dealer prior to this one, but in the "fine print" in the listing they stated that a $499 "prep" fee was to be included on top of the winning bid/buy now price. Stupid. Sorry, just stupid. I won't pay that kind of fee. Not on a new car, and definitely not on a used $1000 motorcycle, that's for sure. It's a ridiculous profit booster. That second CB750 could have been a good deal, but then THAT fee AND shipping? No thank you.

Nov 13, 2014 at 11:23am

Got a call from Jimmy (Roadrunner Transport) this morning. He said he should be here around 1:30 or so. And of all the days, I'm alone at the office and will have to shoot out for about an hour when he's near. Such is life.

Also, just to note, he said most every time he stopped for fuel that people would comment on the bike. He asked if it was some sort of rare classic and noted that a few stated that to him as well. Hopefully I got a good one, haha! Dammit, now I may have to not modify it and just restore. Jeez.

Nov 13, 2014 at 4:13pm

Little shout out to Jimmy and Debi, owners and operators of Road Runner Transport! Great people, great communication and great care. If you need shipping, contact them first - (517) 589-9126, cell (517) 607-1567, [email protected]

Nov 15, 2014 at 10:22am

All I can say is WOW! She fired right up on the first start this morning! What a sound! Those are aftermarket slip-ons, not the factory mufflers (which I would have preferred style-wise), but man do they give this a "sport-bike" sound. After a complete check-thru and walk-around, I took her down the block. 1/4 throttle thrust me back, reminiscent of my GSX-1000. Hey, these CB900's did about 12 flat in the 1/4 mile right from the showroom floor. I'll get a video up later, but I just feel like I got a complete and utter steal (minus shipping of course). :cool: I do have to adjust the carbs ever so slightly as they were tuned for that northern cooler/thinner air.

Nov 15, 2014 at 8:47pm

Not the best video (w/sound), but gives an idea to how beautiful the sound is. Going to dial in the carbs a bit since it was a northern bike. How often too do you see a 32 year old bike with the factory warning/spec stickers on the tank and rear fender? She is a sweet little rocket.

Dec 29, 2014 at 9:38am

One thing I could not stand is the look of these two-into-one Mac pipes. Not aesthetically pleasing, and the 90deg turnouts are a bit much. And to boot, they sound just nasty (to me) ... like farting in a tin can. So I picked up a set of stockers (not easy to find, nevertheless at a decent price). But I did it. OEM on this bike just looks good. Weird that I'd say that, haha. But the sound is sweet & low; mellow but with growl. I'll get a video with sound at some point. Makes me wonder why anyone would "upgrade". Even the look of the dual twin pipes (left and right) looks killer. Mind you, the CB is just a side project while I finish up the Magna. I'm still debating what to do with it too (the CB), but I know one thing ... that seat HAS to go! It's also not stock and the passenger padding is as high as Mt. Everest. May find a stock one, or shave the foam and recover.

Before with Mac's:

After with OEM:

Dec 31, 2014 at 8:35am

Finally got around to registering this bike yesterday. TERRIBLE time of year to go to the DMV! - Haha! Anyway, simply transferred the tag from the ACE and got'er done. Took a nice ride around town last night. I have to tell you this bike feels brand new aside from a little highway vibration between 30 to 50mph. That could be a number of things that I'll look into. It's really weird sitting in the upright position with my feet like sitting on a toilet. But, the power this scoot has is just awesome. :cool: And the ride quality over road imperfections, bumps, etc. is pure Heaven. I wish I had a GoPro to do some video and pics like Mandoozle - my phone is too complicated to use with gloves and one hand, aside from the vibration factor. I tried the other day on the VLX but damn near dropped the phone. (rofl)

Feb 27, 2015 at 9:57am

So ... it's begun. I haz ideas. It will be a simple transformation (hopefully).

Do you have any understanding how much better looking this bike is without that monstrosity of an ass pad?

Done. Haha!

Mar 2, 2015 at 11:56am

Goodies have been ordered. This may be a "flip" project, but depending how she turns out I may change my mind, haha!

Mar 2, 2015 at 9:43pm

Started this evening with test fitting a few goodies.

First up, swapping out grandpa's rear suspension. Too fat, too cush. Slimming her down and lower the stance a bit.



Then moved on to some bars. Yeah, you can now see some of the transformation. These are Renzo dirt bike bars. I removed the center bar and flipped them.

That's it for the night. Again, this is only test fitting, but so far so good. I "may" be stealing something soon ... more on that stay tuned, haha! More deliveries are on their way

Mar 4, 2015 at 11:33pm

I don't think I'm going to be using these bars anyway though because they are thickwalled, so much so that I can't use the bar end mirrors I got. Also got a rear fairing that I'm undecided on, and I may end up not using those shocks as well. Hahaha, I'm off to an awesome start, right? ;)

Mar 6, 2015 at 9:03pm

Okay, so I wasn't going to post this yet but I'm so fukkn' ramped up with my thoughts! I'm gathering them and visualizing some things. I got a tail seat from Legendary Cycles; nice quality in hard ABS. I took forever and a damn day shopping the net to find something in a shape I like. It's got a bugeye tail lamp section and I got an LED cateye to go in it. Now I have to cut some of the rear portion of the upper frame and weld in a crossmember support at the shocks (not shown). But right now with this photochop I did, I'm diggin' it. Concept has me at a British racing green with a solid gold stripe. Chrome will be minimized and I may or may not use the factory side panels (not shown). I'm up in arms about the seat and grips, whether black or tan. I have black material, but may change the color as I go. Other details will come out once I sort them out, haha! I'm not diggin' the handlebars just yet, but with some modifications they may work. Now I just need some time in the garage. Anyway, here's the sneak peek (before and after) with nothing set in stone yet and obviously LOTS of finer details missing:


I need a shower
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This weekend I tore down the carbs first to see what jets where in it and second to verify the rebuild that the dealer out of Michigan said they did. Well, they did and nice work as the carbs looked pretty fresh inside. Jets however were stock and those will need to be upgraded for the sake of more planned inhalation.

I made a rather simple electronics tray that will hide and relocate all the mess from behind the side covers to under the new tail seat cover. This also minimizes considerably the amount of any wire splicing and lengthening (thought there will be some). I chose to have it bolted on using the existing frame brackets from old battery/electronics cradle. The itsy-bitsy Ballistic battery I got will go just behind the electronics tray and sit nicely under the rear fender after I fab up a box for it.



I'm planning on moving the tail seat back a few inches for aesthetic reasons (I like it better). It was designed for the CB750 which is a tad bit shorter due to the CB900C's stretch for the gear casing. So I'll have to fab up a short extension in front. The seat material will hide all that. I'm in the process of making templates for brackets and an under-skeleton to bolt the tail seat to the frame. I've gone through several ideas and didn't like any of them.

Ground off the center stand. It was rubbing on the tire from raising the bike slightly and it also will look way too ugly with it's foot lever sticking out with no planned exhaust on the left side of the scoot. That thing is also mega-heavy, so weight savings +1.

Mocking up some other things on the front end and will also drop it about an inch up there.

Other than that, I'm exchanging the rear shocks for a bit shorter (14.5" to 13.2") and returning the first set of handlebars because they didn't look good and they were double wall thickness which doesn't mesh with my plans on bar-end mirrors. And of course, waiting on more parts.

Mar 17, 2015 at 9:51pm

This evening I started fabbing the under seat bracket and support structure. The brackets will get drilled and two nuts will be welded to the underside of each. I'll then weld the brackets to the frame. The flat support will be epoxied to the bottom of the tail seat itself. I'll drill holes through the tail seat for mounting to the brackets using low profile Allen button heads which will get hidden under any seat foam/fabric concoction I come up with. You can see the battery box template that's still a work in progress here too. Ran out of time tonight.

Mar 20, 2015 at 9:04am

USPS gave delivery notification that some parts were delivered yesterday, left by the front door. So I get home and nothing's there. Sometimes it's left with my neighbor so I checked with him and nothing. I check with the other neighbor ... nope. Ok, well there's another house on the opposing street with the same house number as mine and the postman sometimes confuses our mail. So I check there, again nada. Grr. Okay, so I email the seller asking them to verify the ship-to address. Then I email the post office regarding the delivery. Oh well.

So this morning, I go into my step-daughter's room and there are two packages; one addressed to her and you guessed it, the other me. Bah, I should have checked with her, but then she should have checked the labels and told me about it. As a note, she stays at her boyfriend's house most nights because they both work late at the same restaurant. She brought in the packages in the afternoon when she stopped home and left again. Haha - minor, I know.

Anyhoo ........ I mocked up the headlight bracket briefly this morning which will lower the bucket about 4 inches. $10 plus shipping on Ebay. Cool.

I also got around to welding on the seat brackets last night. Baby steps, but I'll get there.

Mar 20, 2015 at 11:39pm

The battery is a Ballistic EVO2 Lithium Ion 8-Cell Battery. It is simply the cutest little thing. I have a few friends using them and they are awesome. The benefit for me is size and that it can be mounted any which way (sideways, upside down, etc). Look at this thing ... JUST LOOK AT IT!


I need a shower
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Mar 22, 2015 at 9:55pm

This weekend consisted of getting the ride-height correct, finalizing the tail-seat mounting, cutting out all the unneeded tabs and brackets from where the original electronics were (including the side cover attachment points), and nearing completion of a battery box.

I've ordered and tried 3 sets of shocks for this project. The first ones were way to low; my fault because I changed the direction I was headed, so I returned those. The second ones I felt were too tall. The third ones felt right while sitting on the bike, but the clearance for the rear fender and tire was critically tight. So I put the second choice back on, lowered the front about an inch and a quarter and the stance is near perfect. I may go a bit lower in front; we'll see. The first pic shows 13.2" eye-to-eye shocks. Second are the 14.5" eye-to-eye shocks and my choice. The jack is there only to barely hold her up so I could get a true feel for stance. I should have put it under on the first pic to get her off the kick-stand because the lean added a bit of height to the front. Oh well.

For the tail-seat I ended up using only the front under-seat bracket for the front attachment points. For the rear, I used the threaded nut in the frame where the original fender support and passenger seat mount was. Simply drilled a hole into the tail-seat and used a couple spacers that I cut on an angle (one outside, and one inside the fender portion). The spacers being cut on an angle account for the fender's curvature. Pay no attention to the threaded rods left and right in the pic as those are the upper shock mounts (shocks weren't on in this pic). The rear seat bracket I welded on is used as additional support for both the seat and the battery box (next paragraph).

I welded an angle bracket to the rear of the frame I cut off. This adds additional rigidity, closes the tubing so moisture doesn't find it's home in there, and also acts as part of my battery box mount. I fabricated the battery box to be a bolt-on style for ease of removal if needed since it's pretty much custom designed around this little Ballistic battery. If I or another owner choose a different battery and the size is different, another box or brackets can be made easily. The front of the box is attached to the rear seat bracket and the rear is bolted to the angle bracket welded at the frame. I also drilled new holes into the seat base tray so that the tray can be removed independently from the front of the battery box, and visa-versa. You'll notice too there's a little spacer in the box to prevent the battery from moving forward. I still have to drill holes for the positive & negative wires, install a strap (battery tie-down) and make a lid. But not too shabby for this weekend. Shit, my time is about 90% thought and 10% do, haha!

Mar 24, 2015 at 11:22am

There will be some foam, but it will be minimal to retain a good standing stance (feet flat) and flow with the tail. I have two stock seat covers that I had bought thinking I'd redo that huge bitch-ass seat originally. I may try to use one of them to cover the foam on the new tail. I'm down to almost no pennies on this build and I have to get paint still. Grr. I should have not bought that CB750, but I couldn't resist. I may have to halt this project to get the 750 or Yammy running and flip for some cash. On a side note, I have actually three exhausts I can choose from right now that are readily available in my garage. This is good, considering the price of some. First is the MAC 4-into-2 that came on the bike when I got it. If I use those, I am cutting the mufflers down because I hate those 90deg turnouts and they don't suit the new image. Second is a complete set of stock that I found on eBay; but I don't think I'll be using those afterall and may re-sell them for some extra dinero. And third, while it may take a few adjustments I would like to see if I can get the 4-into-1 exhaust transferred from the 750. Decisions, decisions, haha.

I think the CB900C is a rather bland looking bike in it's stock format. And that seat, aftermarket or reconstructed stock version ... what a PIG! That PO's beyotch musta had a squishy soft ass to demand that much padding, LOL!

BUTT, (see what I did there), the power is phenomenal which is why I thought the sportiness of a cafe would lend itself better to the sound and oomph of this scoot.

Mar 29, 2015 at 9:51pm

Actually a productive weekend. :)

Got these little bad boys from England ... tank knee grips. Believe me, there are hundreds to find all over eBay and custom sights, but getting the shape just right where I needed them was the trick.

I'd been thinking of two things in particular to finalize the rear set-up. One was which one of two ideas to fab up for preventing road debris/water from getting into the battery compartment. The first of those was a simple blocking plate that would be welded to the back that took the shape of the inner fender. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to block off the whole inside of the fender. So I took on the second part of the first idea and combined it with my second idea (Following me?) to create a rear support AND block plate for the rear fender.

You've no doubt seen a lot of "hoops" for the tracker and cafe bikes that come in kits or are fab'd up to get a flat seat on. Originally I was not going to do a full hoop because I wanted to keep the structural integrity of the stock frame where the rear shocks mount up. So I broke out the Harbor Freight tubing bender (that my neighbor gave to me a while back) and actually put it to use. My first attempt was terrible. It was late and not only did I measure incorrectly, but I cut it too short and had to weld on a couple 2" extensions AND wound up crimping the center of the U-bend by a few too many compressions on the bender. Ugh, you'll see that ugly shit on the left in the pics below. Went to bed and today I mocked up another one, this time paying attention, haha!

The secrets to good a good 90deg bend in 1" tubing is to first fill the tube with something like play sand, compacting it in really good and taping off the ends. Then, incremental bends from side-to-side to gradually create the radius. And finally shaping the bend back in the center. It's an art, and my second attempt proved successful! After lots of eye-balling, mocking placement, and double checking fitment I angle cut the ends and notched them to fit up snug to the rear shock towers. Proceeded with welding the rear hoop on and all is good in the world now, haha! I did not make it around to getting the cover done for the battery box, but that will be the goal this week. Almost forgot, the second part of that first idea (don't worry, I'm lost now too) is to shape a flat metal sheet across the top of the hoop thus closing off the rear fender and providing support as well.

Here's all the pics:


I need a shower
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Mar 30, 2015 at 9:59pm

So I did a little fab work this evening. Little did I realize the Argon for my welder was ZERO, haha! So thus, the crappy weld that I'll redo hopefully tomorrow night (please, please don't look at the weld ... turn and walk away ... don't look, you'll turn to a pillar of salt!). I just wanted it on there to test the rigidity and see the outcome. Works superbly.

Apr 4, 2015 at 2:15pm

Got the welding redid and ground for a smooth surface. I know it's not seen on the bike but myself and the next owner I'm sure will appreciate it. Yeah, I'm kinda OCD like this, haha!

Also, went to the paint store ... coming soon ... but not too soon. ;)

Been a slow moving process due to other life's events right now.

Apr 5, 2015 at 9:38pm

Fun Easter :)

Apr 29, 2015 at 2:39pm

Know where I'm at with this? NOWHERE. Since bringing in my friends Harley, that has garnished all the attention. I also have been dedicating time to resolving issues with a neighborhood kid's '97 Suzuki Intruder 800. Probably going to see that in my garage soon too as I can't work on it at his house for lack of having my tools and a lift. Just crazy life right now.

May 17, 2015 at 11:06pm

Look at these goodies!

Hey, now THAT'S a head!

But ...... Wait a minute! That's not for the CB900! No. Those are parts for my son's truck. It needs a head gasket leak (coolant out the rear of the head). Next weekend will pretty much be dedicated to that. Also as of late, I worked on my buddy's Harley and got that thing running like a bat outta Hell! My truck AC compressor went and I've been tearing into that. Now I have a neighborhood kid's Intruder in my garage - carb rebuild, rejet, new pipes and some electrical gremlins I have to hunt down. And on top of the top of that, you probably know I got the Yamaha running but it has a flat spot mid-range so I have to tinker with that a bit more too. Wife's been sick, we fostered another cat for while too, but we finally got him to adoption. Worked at my dad's house a bit (plumbing) and spent a little time with the kid. Life has just been biz-AY! Oh yeah, and I still have a job which is just flooded with work lately. And tomorrow I have jury duty ... Oh joy. I don't foresee when I'll continue as of yet on the 900. But it's there ... staring at me patiently, haha!

This is the current state of my garage. You can see the CB900 frame in there, haha:

This is my buddy's Harley as of today back at his house. Plans are to get the rear rim installed (matches front). Then it will come back to my garage in about two weeks to plan for more alterations:

Scored these for free. 2015 Fat Boy rims with rotors; taken off bike at factory so never on the road! I dunno, maybe time for a roller project? Ha! I can't even finish what I have now! :) Hell, along with those I got the stock exhaust, the rocker covers (tops and bottoms) and a couple engine cover sides:

Kid's Intruder:

May 18, 2015 at 6:43pm

The bright red one with the square tank is the '80 CB750F Super Sport. I'm probably going to make that my next project simply to find out what's going on inside her (re: cylinder #3 low compression). Post that, I'm 99% certain I'll sell it. But, plans change ya know?


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Jun 24, 2015 at 11:45am

Honestly, I wish I had a simple answer other than "life" ... it gets in the way. Too much going on at work; wife was sick for a while; moved daughter out; remodeled room for mother-in-law moving in next week; working on/off on several friends bikes; home maintenance/repair; worked deal and contract to buy home across street; sick cat/put down cat; Florida HEAT; Yamaha; waiting on parts; Florida HEAT; searched/bought wife car; fixed son's truck; working on neighbor's car; working on daughter's car; Florida HEAT, etc, etc, etc. I know I'm leaving out stuff.

All the parts are there. I just need space (get rid of friend's bike) and time.

Jul 17, 2015 at 1:05pm

Some progress finally, getting ready for sand and paint. Tires are great and I'll be reusing them. Rims are all cleaned and degreased; terrific shape inside too (like new)! Brakes and forks will come off tonight.

Jul 20, 2015 at 10:01am

Made some progress this weekend. Finished up the battery box with some slots for a strap and holes for wiring and drainage. Made a lid too; all steel. Very, very solid and will provide major protection in case of a battery 'accident' under that plastic seat fairing. Finished the box with bedliner paint for durability. The lid will be painted to match the frame. Also tidied up the rear hoop section. Next up will be an aluminum rear panel to act as a fender of sort.

Jul 21, 2015 at 3:18pm

It's going to be British Racing Green with a gold stripe; frame and motor accents will be dark gray (with possible matte areas); wheels will be gold but I'm up in the air on whether to powdercoat them or paint. I have the paint and it will be a spot-on match with the stripes. Powdercoat I'd have to pay for and it may not match perfectly. I'd love to find a way to "harden" the paint on the outer most lip of the rim so as not to damage it during tire mount/dismount. Either that, or I may just leave the lip bare aluminum.

Jul 21, 2015 at 9:30pm

Tonight's adventure was to fab a simple rear wheel shield. Some poster board, a couple of washers cut and spot welded to frame and a first run at the aluminum fitment. I'm going to redo it with some "fix-it" notations but the overall look and function seems good. Some lower portions may have to be trimmed once the swingarm is back in place. Funny how misshapen the frame is. Hell, the stock insertion tabs at the bottom that I'm sliding the panel into are about a 1/4" off in height.

Jul 22, 2015 at 10:31pm

I'm trying to stay on course again as I've had too many setbacks. I cleaned up the design tonight. Ran the aluminum all the way up under the hoop. Cut tolerances are much tighter for a cleaner look. I also cut the 'tabs' at the bottom (top in pic; frame upside down) and will bolt the panel in instead. I'm going to find a local machine shop to bead roll a few lines into the panel. Tomorrow night I'll finish it with the mounting hardware.

Also got my front and rear wheel bearings, neck bearings and fork seals.

Jul 24, 2015 at 8:23pm

Okay, a couple more shots of the finished panel and I'll stop boring you with it. It's small enough to be very rigid once bolted in so I'm most likely not going to beam roll it now. Yey me - haha! I hoped to add some insulation in my garage attic this weekend, but I want my budget to go more into this bike; I still need to do something for exhaust and a seat cover. I have two different exhausts to 'work with', the Mac 4-into-2 ones and a set of stockers, neither of which will go with this build ... BUT ... I can use the header pipes. More thought needed. In the next few days I hope to have things sanded like the frame, wheels, tank and rear fender, and hopefully primed. I'm not certain about a front fender yet but most likely cutting and reshaping the stock one; might go flat black for the finish.

Jul 26, 2015 at 6:57pm

Frustratingly, this weekend did not go as planned, but then when does it ever. I did manage to get the bearing races out of the steering neck. I also ground off the unsightly horn brackets on the front of the frame. I'm still retaining the horns, but they'll be relocated. Then, I started on the front forks. Somehow, I managed to strip the head of the allen bolt on the bottom of the fork (the bolt that disconnects the inner assembly). Dammit. No problem, I'll just drill and use an Easyout. Yeah, well broke the bit, managed to get the broken piece out but then ... yeah, broke the damn Easyout ... flush ... inside the stripped allen head ... down in a hole <<< which is a great Alice in Chains song ... so I played it and felt better. However, I let the bolt sit over night soaking in penetrating oil and then used a bigger drill bit to drill down the head. By this time I was frustrated because I also helped my neighbor move furniture today (unexpectedly) and my dad stopped over (unexpectedly) ... Day is gone, this blows, I'm tired. *throws hands in air, slams down wrenches, makes fart sound with lips* Arrivederci for the evening; ACED IT HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.


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Aug 2, 2015 at 8:57pm

This weekend, busy as it was with OTHER stuff (always is) I did get to finally getting that damn bolt out. Forks now have new bolts and new washers. Soon new fluid and seals. I figured while the lowers were off I'd clean 'em up. I had thought about painting them, but I got a little carried away and this is what happened (see pics). 600 grit sandpaper on my drill attachment, followed by 1000 by hand, then some Flitz to polish and seal. Ooo, so purdy ...

Aug 7, 2015 at 2:09pm

Sanded the frame last night. Lots more sanding of other parts including wheels. But THIS is in the works ...

I wish I could stitch like that. My local auto upholstery shop is doing this to my design. Same shop that gave me free material a few years ago when I did the first recover in the ACE. The guy is experienced with motorcycle seats too. I sketched up what I wanted and that's where we're at as of today. It will have snaps and come down half way on the sides so I can show some paint color on the seat fender as it runs to the tank. I didn't use the padding I originally bought from Dime City Cycles as it wouldn't fit with what I had in mind. He shaped some new foam for me. I'm learning from him, so maybe on the next bike I'll attempt stitchwork.

Aug 12, 2015 at 10:22pm

My wife's mother moved in with us last month. Since then, she's been in the hospital 3 times and as of today she's going on day 9 of the last visit. Her kidneys are failing and she has pneumonia. She's making progress at getting better, but also has been on dialysis 3 times and just yesterday got out of surgery for fluid in her lungs. My wife and I have been at the hospital every night and some on the weekend. Needless to say I haven't been getting much done on my CB900 too. It's been a piecemeal project lately, haha ... grrrrrr ... haha. On top of all this, my wife has been sick (weak immune system) and my stepson has a throat infection. We're also closing on the house we bought across the street, but not until next week; but there's been a ton of shit to get done. Also been working at my dad's house ... basically I fix what 89 year old fool screws up, hehe. And I got this pain in the ass kid whose bike I've worked on; keeps bugging me to fix other things. It began as a favor for another friend, but now it's intrusive. I HATE BEING NICE! ;) ... I kid, he's a good guy; I'm just stretched as of late. Oh yeah, my job too has become more demanding from people leaving the company, and we're not even in season yet.

Okay, sorry for the sob stories. But in reality my time is short lately.

At least this sob story comes with an update. I finished rebuilding the forks and assembled them. Dammit if I can't find the air hose that goes between the upper fork bolts though! Gotta keep looking for it; ugh. I also got the seat back from the upholsterer. Super nice! I gotta stretch it a bit around the edges to straighten some of the curves due to the snaps. Nicely padded and the material is super smooth. Color matches the grips. Now also, you guys know me, I pursue things I can do on a budget and this bike is running down my budget; I still need an exhaust, and I have one in mind but it's not cheap. Nobody makes a braided brake line kit for the entire brake system. Yes, I could have one custom made through some companies, but then it gets pricey. Since the lines are in great shape, and for less than half the cost I'm using a high quality tight-wound stainless steel sleeving and covering them. First one done in a matter of minutes and it looks awesome. Can't wait to get painting!

Two problems I'm noticing as time goes on. I bought black rear shocks and black handlebars. I'm thinking now that chrome would look better and balance with the polished forks. I may have to rethink this. Minor details.


Pic of the brake line. I got one done for now.

Aug 13, 2015 at 8:42pm

Dickin'round with Photochop ... I'm terrible, lol! Picture is missing carbs, front fairing, gold stripes ... but anyway, more to the goal ===

Aug 14, 2015 at 3:04pm

My photoshop pic shows a 4 into 1 exhaust from Cyclexchange, the Chrome Cycle X SUPER Sidewinder, bottom of page here: DOHC Exhaust Page.htm. I really like the full race one too. However, I think I need something on the left side of the bike as it's too naked without a chain, see here:

In retrospect, I should've kept those rear shocks (shown in pic above) because of the chrome spring. Probably get another set again. We'll see.

Next up, I'm 99% sure I'll be cross-drilling my brake rotors myself. Stay tuned.

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Aug 15, 2015 at 9:22pm

I want a full exhaust because the pipes I have from two sets are beyond salvage as for the finish. I'm not going with wrap on this bike; I want it clean looking.

Today we got my mother-in-law out of the hospital. YEY! She is doing well, but will have to have dialysis 3 times a week. Thank you for your thoughts everyone!

On to the update:

I "thought" I received my $20 worth of heat shrink tubing. Funny, this doesn't look like my order. Yeah, they screwed up and sent me someone else's. My receipt in the box is correct and what I paid for is correct, but this is definitely not what I ordered. Dammit. Phone call on Monday.

Now, in reality, I couldn't STAND what I did to the rear hoop with the solid panel welded in. I also had to fix the hoop as it was slightly twisted (most likely from welding), and when the seat-fender was on it, it was very noticeable (to me anyway). So I carved it out and left a little tab which will be the rear bolt area for the aluminum fender well. I'm happy now.

I had to modify the bug-eye tail light recess in the fender to seat the light a tad lower and flush.

And I also did a lot of sanding and priming today. I did not get to the tank or wheels; hopefully tomorrow. I'm seeing progress again.

Aug 16, 2015 at 10:25pm

Hmm. Well, tank is stripped and is a perfect candidate for a rather formalized industrial look. Problem is the rear seat fender is plastic and it'd be tough to replicate a match to the tank unless I built another out of metal or aluminum. Dammit. I hate the feeling of changing direction mid way through. What say Ye? Anyway, here's a striptease for you ...

Aug 17, 2015 at 9:02pm

I really do love the way this tank looks. I've already bought paint a while ago and I could do a faux finish on the fender to match the tank (yeah, I'm that confident). I have a theme worked up in my head to use the gold paint still for the wheels and on the tank and fender for the stripe. It may look killer with some touches like that and a silver and gold look. Look how sweet that classic gold/silver Honda emblem looks on that bare tank! ... Although that British racing green with gold will be sweet too. ... Bah! You see I'm confused! Bah!

Aug 22, 2015 at 8:49pm

So this happened ...

Which will allow this to progress ...

Then I'll use the model to shape the metal, and welding and grinding to follow. Yes, I'm going balls-deep into the raw metal look. It will be clean though, that I can assure you. I still have to make a template for the seat pan itself which will be a one piece overall design just like the bug-eye plastic one. I "may" save that one now for the CB750. Anyway, a redesigned rear hoop and the shape of the new seat fender will also allow this 900 to be lower in the rear, which is one of my targets since it was still a bit high in my first concept. Why was it so high? Well, if you compare the 900C to the 750's, the 900C being a shaft drive is a bit longer due to the design of the sub-transmission components. So being longer, the rear of the plastic seat fender, which was designed for the shorter 750's would only go so far without having to stretch the length of the seat area. So the hoop was just about over the center of the top most portion of the rear tire. The new design will permit more travel area under the fender, in turn I'll drop the bike a few inches in the rear. Yey!

Sep 14, 2015 at 8:52am

Spent some time this weekend redoing the original hoop I had made since the seat-fender is completely different. Extended the rear uppers, included some supports, made the tail light mount and integrated it into the frame (not the fender), and welded the rear fender to the seat plate. Much better design than what I had before; better looking too I think. This is going to give some nice clearance for the rear wheel upward travel thus allowing for a lower stance. Need to do some clean up, but for now so far, so good. Can't wait to start slappin' some paint on this.


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Sep 19, 2015 at 10:28pm

Totally redesigned the functionality. Original battery box is gone and I integrated the seat pan into the fender to create a nook for the battery. And instead of the cheap metal mesh under the seat pan for the electronics, there will now be a box with the seat tray acting as the cover. Moving forward; lots to do.

Sep 21, 2015 at 9:55am

I've said this a million times over, my work is 10% do, 90% thought = ssslllooowwwwwwww. (rofl)

Chugged away a bit more this weekend. I welded in some of the attachment nuts, created new ones for the seat/battery tray, made a simple bracket for the battery with wingnuts and finished up the electronics box with ports for the positive battery cable, rear brake light and turn indicators (still need to trim with grommets). I'm using the factory attachment areas for the original 'under seat crap' for the electronics box (shown raw, tabs need to be bend and bolts installed). I will be covering the battery tray in some cool felt which will reduce metal-to-metal abrasion. Also sprayed rubberized undercoating underneath the fender and inside the electronics box.

Why am I doing so much that will really never be seen? Because I can.

Oct 8, 2015 at 3:07pm

Got a couple things today. A really nice set of front and rear turn signals; stainless (not cheap plastic) with clear lenses. These will look absolutely stunning I think. Also got Mikuni velocity stacks. I already have pod filters, but I'm going to try tuning with both for the experience sake; damn they look sharp though! I'll be using some micro-mesh inside them. On the way are new rear shocks, yes, again hahaha! Yeah, with all my mind changing the rear of the bike has changed height several times. Also on the way as of today, beautiful stainless mufflers from Cone Engineering along with some collectors and hardware; all custom put together by yours truly. I'm repurposing the Mac headers that were on the bike when I got her; they'll be high temp painted, most likely white (we'll see). That's all for now. Hey, at least I'm trying to get my mind back in this. ;)

Oct 11, 2015 at 10:50pm

Test fitting the rear shocks and placement of rear signals. I think this will do nicely. Weekend a washout due to yesterday's ride and gun purchase, plus neighbor's birthday party, then today helping two neighbors with their bikes and cars and my step-daughter's car, then her boyfriend's birthday. Damn man, can't get a brake-haha!

Oct 14, 2015 at 6:22pm

Oooooo, so pretty! Got my exhaust components from Cone Engineering. Beautiful stuff, just look at it ......

Hey wait ... that's not right.

Yeah, wrong size sent. I ordered the 18" mufflers and they sent the 12's. Dammit! I called and they're issuing an RMA. They will send out the 18's when these get back to them. So unfortunately it'll be another 2 weeks before I see them because it's just not in my budget to buy another set and wait for a refund on these. Lucky I'm not at the point of solely waiting on these. Good company and very professional service. Obviously a mix-up in shipping.

Oct 17, 2015 at 8:26pm

Update today: I finished the brake line braiding. Also covered the battery tray/electronics lid/seat support, (whatever you want to call it) in the felt I bought a while ago. I covered the belly of it too; I just show it not finished in one of the pics below. Doesn't show too well in the pics, but it's got fine bits of glitter in it. I know, big deal, no one sees it, haha! That's me! Anyway, the purpose of it is to keep the painted/cleared surfaces from marring (once I get paint/clear down).


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Oct 23, 2015 at 8:05pm

Laid down the base coat today. I tried working with the bare metal scheme but reverted back to the original thought as the two different metals (tank vs. fender) wouldn't match up in texture, etc. I had forgotten to drill holes for the seat snaps. And of course in doing so after paint, wouldn't ya know it, chipped a piece putting on the last snap. Fix and repaint tomorrow. Then painting the gold stripes and clear coat which will enrich the color(s). The gold will also minimize and balance the plethora of green.


Base Coat:

Oct 24, 2015 at 7:24pm

I'm really not thrilled with this green right now; looks too "kelly green" and blah. I went to the paint shop today and chose a different green. It's darker and has metallic in it. Unfortunately they were out of the silver metallic base to mix the color, so I have to wait until Wednesday. I did however get some holes drilled in the wheels to enhance and lighten the visual appeal a bit. They'll get primed and hopefully painted tomorrow.

Oct 25, 2015 at 6:39pm

I have in my mind a certain look based on an old ASC Cobra I saw a few years ago at a show. I've had a few obstacles (in my mind) that have veered the course of this project many times. But yes, sticking with the green albeit a different one soon. I chose a darker green with metallic; not doing candy on this one.

Today involved replacing wheel bearings, front and rear, and installing the neck races. I debated about the wheel bearings since they were perfect when I rode it last. Nothing like bringing an old bike up to modern standards. The OEM bearings from 1982 have no back seal to them, I'd imagine so they can be repacked over time. As we know, the new styles are sealed. The OEM bearings do look clean though.

I also primed the wheels and frame. Man, it's good to see things at least uniform in color at this point, haha! Frame will be dark gray. Seeing those wheels in white brings me back to another thought I had when I first got the bike in that I was contemplating a white and blue theme, like a Shelby Cobra/Mustang. They look so clean finally! Can't wait to get the painting done.

All Balls left; OEM right:

Primed frame:

Front wheel:

Rear wheel:

Oct 27, 2015 at 11:22am

Picked up the new green. Not a great picture as it's under fluorescent lighting and with my flash. I'll get a better shot later when the sun is out. Just a tad different from the intestinal slurry I previously put down, haha. The gold I already had. Also, got all the little pieces and frame prepped for gray now. I'd like to spray them tonight, but we'll see how it goes. The gray is a single stage (so no clear needed). When I redo the tins and proceed to the wheels I'll have to work within a limited time frame due to masking and clear. That may have to wait until the weekend.

New metallic green:

Frame and small parts ready:

Oct 27, 2015 at 8:46pm

Finally. Frame, rear drive assembly, swingarm and misc. components painted. I realized during this that my fan and filter are just way too small. It got foggy real quick, haha; but I do wear a respirator. I ran right down to an empty container.

Oct 30, 2015 at 9:05am

When I first did the VLX I invested in a DeVilbliss HVLP gravity feed spray gun. Love this thing! I'm using Valspar custom blended automotive paints, acrylics and urethanes (1 stage or 2) and 1.3 to 1.8mm tips depending on the finish. Then of course clearcoat and wet-sand for final bling. :)

I set the tank and seat-fender on the painted frame last night to get a visual. Hell, even this awful green looks pretty good now on the finished frame. I'm still going to repaint it with the darker metallic green though. Looking forward to this weekend for paint.

Also got my correct size mufflers yesterday! MUCH better :)


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Oct 31, 2015 at 10:35pm

I spend Halloween a little different. I pretend I'm a motorcycle ... VROOM-VROOM! - New green, laid down the gold. I'm in love and it's not even cleared yet. The clear will bring out the metallic. Still doing a bit more in the way of pinstriping, then clear ... tomorrow.

Nov 1, 2015 at 9:41pm

Striping done. Clear done. Still need to wet sand and polish, but needs some time to cure. I thought this kind of bike deserves to have it's name still, so incorporating it into the paint was a must. Very productive weekend.

The 'emblem' I did up in Corel and printed it. Transferred it to vinyl and used it as a template (I was too tired to drag the vinyl cutter and old computer down from the attic, haha). Then just lined up my striping tape, measured both sides and masked off.

Nov 9, 2015 at 8:16am

Did not get too much done this weekend. Every time I went to work on something, head hurt and zero energy. Feeling under the weather sucks! I managed to get the tires mounted and rolled them under the frame. No, it won't be that low but sure looks like a drag bike now. Got some engine parts stripped of paint and looking forward to colorizing. Coming together, but still tons to do.

Nov 30, 2015 at 8:28am

Had a minor creative disaster recently. I chose to paint all the engine covers gray and then matte clear them. In my mind I thought the contrast with the gray frame would look good. ... Nope. So bad, I forgot to take pictures, haha! Anyway, after some thought I decided to bring the body color down into the engine area. Some paint, some masking, some detail brushing and clear. Viola!

Me. Waiting between clearcoat. Oh Santa, please bring me a larger compressor so I don't have to hear this damn thing running all the time, haha!

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Dec 13, 2015 at 6:31pm

Got quite a bit done in the past few days. I received my rotors back from and they are beautiful! Tom is a great guy to do business with, and just to shoot the shit. Cross-drilled the stock rotors, had them resurfaced and checked for true. I also stripped the black powdercoat.

I got the engine back into the frame and started some other assemblies, and now I finally have a roller! I have new brake pads on the way, so no calipers on her yet.

Today consisted of wet-sanding and buffing all the painted surfaces.

And now for a little sneak peek:

Dec 18, 2015 at 7:10am

I was asked if I have a British background. No, no, none that I know other than a girl I dated from Liverpool. Does that count? ;)

I was inspired by a Cobra I saw at a show years ago. Just always dug the color combo. My mother-in-law calls this a "gentleman's bike".

Dec 22, 2015 at 10:24pm

Been working out some wiring and waiting on a few parts. Maintaining stock wiring without cutting any of the harness is an art, lol! Hopefully soon to work on the exhaust.

Dec 24, 2015 at 5:47pm

Today I jumped around with no particular schedule. I had to make little brackets for the rear "winkers" as there was not have enough room to drill through the frame (in the triangle section) due to clearance between the top of the shock and the rear fender when mounted. They turned out great and the positioning is spot on where I wanted them - tucked nicely into a similar bullet shape again between the top of the shock and the rear fender. I'm also in the midst of wiring. After splicing the harness in a a strategic area I was able to reroute the cable to the starter and the wires to the stator up behind the carbs so they aren't seen running up the V-frame. Everything is tucked nicely into my electronics box after running the rear wiring as well. Positive and negative battery wires also needed to be custom cut/crimped and are done too. These run through the seat tray support as seen. I used some stainless steel micro-mesh to make screens for the velocity stacks. Lastly I relocated the rectifier directly under the bracket that was for the stock seat. A simple bracket and couple bolts was all that was needed. A few more pics tomorrow possibly. For now these:

Jan 1, 2016 at 10:42pm

I was asked if I'm still going to flip the bike. My whole goal of this build was to flip. Yeah, well that's with most builds. But, we'll see. I'd like to enjoy her for a while; see how that goes. Right now I'm battling a bit of a wiring issue as the new front signals are shorting somewhere and blowing the 15A fuse. Try again tomorrow. I have a feeling it is a ground issue at the front signal housings. I was so looking forward to getting the exhaust together this weekend. I don't know, I may shift gears tomorrow.

Jan 4, 2016 at 2:00pm

No picky-poos, but I finished the wiring aside from installing the diodes. Maybe tonight? Maybe a short video? Tidying up a few things and also got the carbs done (jetting). Looking forward to starting on the pipes very soon here.

Jan 5, 2016 at 8:25am

So I took a short video of the electrical working (see below). I installed diodes in the wires leading to the single LED on the new speedo; worked like a charm. The new signals are not LED, but they are super bright! Hopefully this is the last time you'll see the under seat electronics box, but it's in its final state now. With this bike it isn't my intent to scale back things like on a bobber. Instead I'm using the stock handlebar switches and yes still have a horn, but I relocated the twin-horns to under the tank directly above the carbs. While they are not seen (originally in front) they are plenty loud! I also cleaned up the nasty looking carb diaphragm covers. This coming weekend (maybe some nights leading to) I hope to finalize all bolt torques and work on the exhaust. If money permits, I may have the headers ceramic coated, but that's a big "if". In any event, it's getting close now!


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Jan 11, 2016 at 12:25pm

Focused this weekend on going over every bolt and tightening to spec. I had this OCD thing going on with the choke knob and decided to center it between the new gauges by creating a simple bracket; perfect fit with relation to cable length. I then started on the exhaust. As I stated early on, I'm repurposing the Mac 4-into-2 header portions. When I bought the new mufflers I also got some 2-into-1 collectors and some extra pipe. I had to cut the inside Mac headers down a couple inches to match up with the outers, then welded on the new collectors. I still have to weld on the extra pipe to fit the mufflers, then make some brackets. After everything is complete, I'll grind down the welds a bit for a smoother surface and I'm thinking high-heat exhaust black for the finish on the pipes, leaving the stainless muffler. Should be pretty.

Jan 14, 2016 at 9:29am

A little more work last night. Bent the exhaust pipes to the correct angle I want. The little Harbor Freight pipe bender did just fine for this, even without stuffing the pipe with sand and capping the ends. The crimp is acceptable and still needs to be cut down to size. Then I'll be on to fabbing the muffler hangers.

Jan 24, 2016 at 8:58pm

Latest update here.

I had to wait to receive a new exhaust collar joint. Just one. One freakin' collar. Yeah, apparently when I went to install the exhaust I noticed one collar wasn't right. Dammit. I should have seen that when I disassembled the bike 7 months ago. Doesn't even close up correctly; so didn't put that back in. Got the new collar Friday; yey.

Got everything back together yesterday. First things first, I'm not thrilled with my welds on the exhaust. The weld beads on the brackets to the mufflers are gorgeous, but apparently I still have trouble with cylindrical parts welding thus the collectors and the exhaust end pipe. I ground down the welds and I think they got a bit thin. Time will tell, but I may redo them by ordering new collectors; not expensive, but just time consuming having to rework things because they don't meet my personal standards. On top of that, the manifold paint I used for the exhaust is super easy to flake off, apparently because it needs to be cured by the heat of the exhaust. But getting the pipes on without scratching was a real project; and I've had them on and off a few times. Why? Because the exhaust stud that I had retapped and replaced spun again. So I had to fix that ... again. After tightening down the exhaust it seems to be holding quite well now. All-in-all, after reworking the pipes in the near future I may have them ceramic coated. We'll see.

Moving on - So last night I fueled her up, turned the petcock and major leak from it. Now, Honda wants you to buy another petcock if it leaks from the knob. This I know because the front plate is riveted. Yeah, well you know me; screw that. Drilled those rivets out, ground down the stems that are one piece formed with the housing, replaced the bad O-ring, drilled holes through the housing and riveted it closed. Perfect. Done. Well, not really. Went to start the bike and few attempts later she fired up. YES, I STARTED THE BIKE! But then ... major fuel leak again! But not from the petcock. After scrutinizing the carbs, the fuel was coming out through two areas on the fuel crossover tubes between the carb bodies. Folks, this is what will happen to old fuel O-rings that have been sitting dry for nearly a year. Nasty, brittle, and shrunken. So had to tear down the carbs again and replace all the O-rings. I thought I had done that, but apparently it was another carb. I'm getting mixed up lately, haha! Okay, so got them back together and installed again.

Used my new carb-sync gauges for the first time; worked like a charm! Took some time, but I was able to dial her in just right. Beautiful sound from those mufflers! I still have to do some more tuning and road test; then I'm sure I'll have to play with carb needle heights, etc. Hell, I still have to fill the brake lines and bleed! Haha! I may also go ahead and order shims so I can adjust the valves. I did notice when I inspected them that cylinder four needed to be adjusted, but it's not bad so I closed her up and continued. But stuff like that bothers me, so ... ya know.

I'll get a video up soon.

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18 Show Content


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Feb 15, 2016 at 12:29pm

Big day yesterday! No, not Valentines Day. No, not my five year wedding anniversary ... Okay, well yes to that. However, my second love enjoyed her first time out of the stable today! This '82 Honda CB900C is not the same bike she used to be; and that's a good thing! Minor things to still do. I had removed the mirrors for some work I was doing; maybe make a front fender (small, flat black) and some minor tuning adjustments after some road testing. Thinking about a pinstripe around the edge of the rims and possibly re-clearcoating the paint. I'm not happy with the brand I used this time; I may have mentioned that before. Yes, I'm a perfectionist, LOL! Oh yeah, and I completely forgot to shorten the kickstand, haha. Today was around the block a few times. No tag; have to still make a holder, again LOL! My neighbor took these shots at her house. Bike sounds killer and power is on tap! Got her through 4 gears on a long stretch down my road. Smooth! A little lean on decel, but I'll fine tune it this week.

I've included some of the progress pics of the exhaust too. As I mentioned before, I re-purposed the Mac 4-into-2 headers and welded on some couplings I bought through Cone Engineering, bent the rear exhaust upward and installed the megaphones. Also for additional stability I made support brackets for under the bike. I am quite proud of my welding on this bike project. A little spatter on the pipes, but that cleaned right up ... But look at that penetration! ;) LOVE the growl out of these mufflers too! The VHT Flame Proof finish is now officially baked on and looks great. And will you look at my custom jack handles! Haha!

No video yet, but soon.

Feb 17, 2016 at 10:16am

So I did two things last night. I made a shim for the upper mounting surface and created length for the footing by extending it and bending it. Seems good; I bit less lean and I can add another shim if needed.

Feb 22, 2016 at 10:32am

Preliminary video. I say preliminary because she's still on the lift here and wasn't quite dialed in yet. However, sound is glorious, so enjoy. It helps to have a decent sound system because the bass IS quite prevalent.

Feb 24, 2016 at 9:16pm

Part of my lowering the front end included lowering the bike on the forks, thus pushing the fork tops through the top tree about an inch. But doing that I couldn't use the air hose that connects one fork cap to the other because the hose runs under the fuse box/ignition key housing. The fork design uses air pressure to allow the rider to adjust dampening. I considered new caps and just doing away with the air assist. As an easy fix (albeit temporary) I plugged the holes with a couple bolts. But the forks are mushy and the front dives a bit more than I wanted on braking. I considered putting in a little more fork oil or a heavier weight oil, but I really wanted to keep the air adjustable forks in all their retro-classic glory. So I found another air hose on Ebay for $8 shipped, and headed over to the hardware store and got a threaded coupler. I needed an 8mm x 1.00 thread, but they had no metric ones. Instead I got a close standard thread and just re-threaded it with my tap. By connecting the two hoses I now had perfect length to go around the front of the gauges. Put about 8lbs in her and the forks are noticeably stiffer again. Perfect.


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Feb 25, 2016 at 9:17pm

That's better.

Feb 26, 2016 at 9:50am

I just ordered the tag renewal this morning, so no highway use yet. I don't have enough back-roads here to get her running up to 5th gear and then some. Meanwhile, I've really only been focusing on it on the weekends and just nitpicking all kinds of little things. Bah, I feel like it will never be done, haha! One thing I'm really up in the air about is the aluminum shield I put under the seat in front of the rear tire. I don't really like it, yet I feel something needs to be there. I've considered a tire hugger (under-fender) like on some sport bikes, but haven't dove into that just yet. We'll see. Might even leave it off altogether, but then I'll have to grind off the tabs I originally welded on. Decisions.

Mar 1, 2016 at 9:00pm

So, before and after minus the aluminum mud-guard I had made. Yeah, I hated it, haha! But on to the hugger now. I had an old plastic fender laying around; some of you may have seen it hanging in my garage in various pictures throughout the years. I recall it being from some Yamaha - a front fender. Well, time to put it to use. I cut it in half and heated it to expand the width. I'm going to mount it from under the swingarm as it is shown. I have to fabricate brackets for it but I think it's going to work out nicely. This will open up the area from that claustrophobic wall I started out with. It will be painted black so as to slightly disappear like the front fender. I'll also have to grind off the tabs I welded on the frame; little bit of touch up paint oughta do it. Also awaiting the arrival of a new starter clutch from a Yamaha R6. With a little modification that will resolve the pesky and temperamental starter problem ... terrible design Honda, you and your wimpy three-roller design, terrible. Bad Honda, bad. Look at all that goodness (last pic)!

Mar 4, 2016 at 12:15pm

I recently upgraded my starter clutch on the CB900C project. The factory units on these old CB's are prone to "failure". My bike is a 1982 CB900C, but as for my limited knowledge these same starter clutches are used throughout multiple years of the CB750, CB900 and CB1100's. I researched quite a bit to find that some have been using the bearing assembly and flange from a late model Yamaha R6, in my case a 2009. I could not find a decent video showing detail; maybe I missed it. So I created one, albeit crude in nature but still gives the enthusiast an idea of what to look for in this modification. I do not get down to the nitty-gritty of tools and how to drill holes. If one cannot figure that out, maybe said one should have others wrench on their scoot. Hey, it was late, I was tired and my words are fumbly and unprocessed ;) Anyway, I hope this assists anybody looking to do this.

Mar 5, 2016 at 8:46pm

Update: Starter clutch is just pristine. Sounds a bit different on start-up, which is a good thing. Quiet and responsive. No issues after multiple starts today. BAM!

Next, raised the needles in the carbs a notch. Big difference there as she was a bit lean. 3-1/2 turns out on the pilots (from previous setting); will review plugs tomorrow and may adjust a bit inward. But it's where I want her and it screams!

Then I focused on that monstrosity of a "mudguard" that I had previously made. It was more like a wall and looked better in my mind when in the early stages of this build. However, using that fender from the Yamaha I mentioned before I came up with this (see pics). I fabricated a bracket and painted it. It's solid and looks WAY much better. Happy day.


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A couple of final touches I recently did. I sanded and re-cleared the paint because I was not happy with the brand of clear I used this time. It just lacked gloss. So after some redo time and wet-sanding and polish, she's dressed to kill. I then fabricated a metal tampon, haha, a "heat shield" from a scrap stainless steel dishwasher door panel. I installed this on the top exhaust pipe under the shift peg(s). Turned out really nice in my opinion; it's rock sturdy and no accidental boot burn. I also shaved the knee grips because I thought they looked a little too tacked on as opposed to blending with the tanks flow.

Had her on the highway this weekend finally. Up to 90 and pulling strong. Damn it's a powerfully smooth ride! Shame to sell her, but I must move on. Looking to final clean up this weekend and better pics given weather conditions. Hopefully advertising within the next couple weeks, so if you know anyone in the market for a cafe-muscle scoot, lemme know!



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End of build! Well, officially. I've been done for a couple weeks or so, just minor touch-ups and detailing. On Ebay Saturday :)

Couldn't be happier with the transformation. Videos below (and in ad). My wife wouldn't go with me to shoot a ride-by video because she's been sick. Weather was too good, so I did the best I could without a ride-by.



Walk Around Part 1

Walk Around Part 2

Startup and Rev (sound)

Indicators and Lights

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I've never been a fan of headers painted "silver" but the rest of the bike looks great, nice work, well done!
Well, you know what they say about "opinions". ;) Hehe, thanks man. Black to me with the stainless mufflers just wasn't going to look good, neither white; and I didn't want to do wrap on this one. I actually really wanted to do something in full stainless, but $$$ talks and my wallet runethed dry.

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Great build thread.Liked how you stuck with most of the original suspension,swinger ect...Great work!
Thank you! Weren't too many options, in fact NONE that I know of for a shaftie swingarm swap. ;) I did want to maintain a lot of the bike's classic appearance too though.
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