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Guys-what do you think of the sound of this?

1998 Triumph Daytona T955
Was laid down and has some missing faring parts/damage & a few scrapes here & there, but runs nice well and is fully drivable.
If you know anything about these bikes you are aware of their speed capability.
162 MPH from the factory!
This one has the upgraded Carbon Fiber Exhaust, Polished F&R wheels & More!
Milage is 10,411 actual

I love the frame and it has a SSSA already....

I could get it for about $2500 or so...Let me know what you think please!! I need to figure out if I want to do it...


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The Triumphs of that vintage where all pretty much interchangeable - so you could get a Speed Triple top clamp to do your bar conversion, etc. Good fighter potential for sure!

I'd buy one if i had the money....

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The Triumphs aren't bad bikes.I had an 01 Sprint Rs.I'm not sure what year they started with fuel injection on their bikes?
My 01 had no problem whatsoever and I rode it for 8 months through the winter with snow on the ground for a couple of days.
Also the Triumph responds very well to Turbo and there are several kits available for around $4-5000 with power output around 200-220 hp with no big problems.
If you do a search on goggle you will find several forums with tons of info about them.
Let me know if you need a repair manual since I have a couple on my home computer.

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ive got a mint upper fairing for cheap if you want:), had a tail section but ive cut it up a bit for another project. They are really good, stable bikes. THe motors are good but not impressive. They look great naked. I know there is one problem. If you just drop them and they land on the passenger side food peg it breaks at the frame and totals them. so dont drop it;)

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sounds like a hell of a deal, but....



im with catman. if possible, take er for a ride and see what you think.
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