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Triumph Speed Four
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Hey guys! I've browsed the site for quite a while. I'm on my 6th bike. I had a streetfighter before this one, and now I want to do some custom work on my new one.

I got my 2004 Triumph Speed four last September, and I have really enjoyed my "commuter bike". I would like to go a bit further on the customization of this bike. So far I have a Leo Vince carbon exhaust, and an integrated LED tail light/turn signals. I have tuneECU, but I haven't wanted to change the map because I like sooting flames.

I'm looking to steal some ideas from other bikes to make some easy mods. Unfortunately the speed four isn't very popular online, and there is no easy dedicated site to get ideas. I'm also on triumphrat under the same user name.

I look forward to browsing the pics and diy info on this site.
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