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I been fightin' gravity
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built a carbon fiber heatshield for the battery. It rivits to the subframe. Pics tonight.

Fuel tank is just about ready for the top section. Got to get my damn air filter.

Got the fuel cap in yesterday.

I been fightin' gravity
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here we go. Carbon and aluminum heat shield.

Bottom of fuel tank REALLY close to being done

That piece of wood is the mockup air filter. Now you can see how the airbox works


I been fightin' gravity
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You may think i havent been doing anything, But you would be wrong.

Bike will be finished........

Havent posted pics cause my 2nd digital camera is now broken, WTF.

I been fightin' gravity
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headlight is done, just needs paint. Its pretty dope

Got my epoxy resin and mold release today so Carbon Fiber bits in the near future

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the bike is complete in that pic except for the seat. That pic was taken the day I hurt myself.

seat is done now, Its 4 layers carbon aluminum hybrid with a radiator air channel built in. Its stout

need to finish forkbraCE ANd tank and im done. also bleed clutch

I been fightin' gravity
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1998 Honda VTR 1000 Superhawk


rebuild of top end
re hone
full port and polish
PAIR valve elimination, plugged Pair hole and flowed exhaust ports
removed Un Nessicary castings from both heads
Clearanced rear valve cover to fit Battery, modified crankcase breather
Hand made billitt aluminum Camshaft Chain Tensioners, red powdercoat

sanded block, removed extra castings
Cast coat iorn color engine enamel paint
New clutch friction plates
repaired and reinforced both stator and clutch cover
shortened, modified exhaust, 2 into 1, hand made muffler from c02 tank

Larger 5 row oil cooler, moved location, painted black
Oil cooler mount fabricated, drilled and tapped block for mounting


breather removel
heater removal
1/6 turn throttle
1/8" alimunum baseplate for concept airbox
hand fabricated aluminum throttle cable mount


Twin Tech Hi performance Coils
Hand fabricated coil mounts
8mm plug wires

Cooling system,

Rear mount radiator
Dual fans, aluminum shroud
Aluminum 1" OD hardlines, dissipates more heat
welded mounts to radiator, capped and moved fittinngs
re mounted filler neck
modified water pump cover


Sand Blasted, dents removed
removed front fairing mounting locations
drilled, welded, and tapped bungs for subframe forward mounts
hand built stainless fox shock resivour mount
Gsxr steering damper mount fabricated, welded to neck
Black bedliner

100% hand fabricated
3/4 inch OD 1/16 wall aluminum, gussited
alternative design, fit for single rear radiator
also locates and fits YTZ10 Battery
black bedliner
gunmetal color


Sand blasted
Hand fabricated Bracing
Trellis design mimics main frame
3/4"OD 1/16" wall and 1" OD 1/8" wall aluminum tubing
black bedliner

Front forks:

Removed un nessicary castings-seams
Custom designed fork brace, 6061 T6 aluminum Billett
3 piece fabricated front fender, aluminum
black bedliner


900rr front and rear



Honda RC51 reont Master cylinder, hand fabricated resivour reciever, Billet aluminum
Goodridge stainless steel braided lines, double banjo
Removed castings-seams from calipers, fully rebuilt
Red ceramic caliper paint, black accents
lightened front rotors
painted carriers gunmetal color
Small resivour

Honda RC 51 Master cylinder
hand fabricated Resivour adaptor
Goodridge line
Ducati twin piston Brembo Caliper, lighter and stronger
removed castings-seams, red ceramic paint, black accents
hand fabricated caliper adaptor plate, moves new caliper under swingarm
hand fabricated lever, ball bearing movement
small resivour, custom fabricated mount
Lightened rotor

Final Drive:

520 chain conversion, -1 +2

-1 JT front sprocket
+2 unknown rear sprocket, black powdercoat
520 x ring chain


New Hayabusa Switches, throttle cables
Driven Meitor Cr low rise fatty bar, gunmetal color
100% hand fabricated rearsets, aluminum, adjustable 4"
hand fabricated GP shifter, aluminum, adjustable
hand fabricated brake lever mount


Hand built front headlight
Built from gsxr lower projector housing and clear cover, highly modified
Hand fabricated framework
Audi HID upper projector and ballast
Hand fabricated mounts and ballast mount

Tail light:

Upper LED tail-Brale light, flashing brake light
lower led running light

Fuel tank-Airbox HYBRID
Hand fabricated from 3003 grade alloy aluminum, 1/16 thickness, tig welded
Extensive use of english wheel
Fully baffeled, front to back, side to side

DESIGN CONCEPT, Teh tank doubles as the airbox. the bottom of the tank seals to a carb baseplate. This in turn moves the airbox higher and moves the heavy fuel lower, lowering the center of gravity.

K%N filter for Nissan Versa, modified
Carbon fiber intake scoop- rain guard

ducati vaccume fuel pump
billet aluminum filler cap, welded in


4 layer carbon fiber, aluminum sheeting hybrid pan
Seat pan designed to channel air from top of radaitor,
heat shielding
memory foam
black gripper cover


Hand fabricated carbon fiber louvers, to extract radiator heat
Aluminum mesh between louvers
1/16" aluminum sides and front, rivited to carbon center section
Aluminum mesh undertail to protect radiator from road debris


Carbon fiber-aluminum battery tray-heat shield
Removed casting marks from triples
HIGHLY modified wiring harness, 1/2 stock weight
Moved all electronics up front behind steering neck
Modified Driven risers for further pull back
Brembo coffin style clutch MC
Black exhaust heat wrap
GSXR steering damper, Hand fabricated fork mount


Steering damper, 15$

Bars, 100$

Brake parts, 125$

Aluminum sheet, 15$

Aluminum Tubing, 20$

Carbs, 50$

Carbon fiber resin, 50$

paint, 30$

Headlight, 10$ + 20$

tail light, 25$

fluids, 20$

fuel cap, 30$

misc, 200$

Total, UNder 1000$ including purchase

Finished weight, 348 lbs wet no gas. 376 full of gas

DRY 339 lbs

Future. Buell front wheel, rotor and caliper

RC 51 triples and forks

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