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Feckin Eejit!
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Ok, finally got all the funk sorted out and can finally throw some miles on this thing.

It is fuel injected...

I'm gonna try my best to describe this but it's not perfectly clear in my head so bear with me.

I've got some fueling issues at part throttle (maybe 5%-15% throttle), off idle (under 3k rpm).
If I whack it open to 50% or so throttle and feather the clutch off a light it roars to life and is... awesome :D
If I try to pussy foot it off a light and drive all conservative it stumbles and generally sucks.

While cruising, if I keep throttle steady, ~40mph @ ~4krpm it sounds strange. Like a misfire or bogging. Almost what engine breaking sounds like but only for 1 or 2 fires every couple revolutions. Feels like theres a very slight loss of power when it happens too.

I suspect this is fueling issues from the exhaust I have. But it almost feels/sounds like I should be hunting for a vacuum leak too.

Any thoughts, tips, suggestions?
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