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Antibiotics for my hand wound had me in the bathroom on a very regular basis today and I had other stuff to attend to, but I did take a short while and chop the R6 dogbone in half, drill and tap 10mm fine threads and install the cut off shock mounts to which I zapped a piece of 1/4 steel tube, so all but one of the bearings in the suspension are now in place.

I'm pretty sure, having fiddled with it for a little bit, that both forward mounts are going to move at least one more time.

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Is my bike ok?
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Today, since certain parties want to shop shame certain other parties for having "piles of hammers" I cleaned up my shop a little bit after the initial enthusiastic blast sprayed parts and grinding dust everywhere

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That's right, this is after tidying :D

I also cleared off my big bench with my little bending brake on it. Thinking I'll find a piece of steel I can bolt to it and stick the tube bender on the back of it as well. Also need to take it all apart, cut down the legs and re-mount wheels...

Gotta get more steel and zap some little racks and stuff onto my welding table, now that I'm using it for welding of course I want hooks to hang files brushes hammers etc from. I'd like to put a box on there underneath to hold my angle grinder and associates stuff as well ideally.
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Was the preload ramp thingy always on the upper end of the shock or did you have to flip that for tire clearance?

Keep it up, Lefty 馃憤馃憤
It was always up there, I believe it is an '05 R6 item as is are the linkage parts. I got it all w/arm for I think $40 with free shipping like years ago on eBay so it may have been fiddled with of course 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

Every time I use a hammer now I snicker a little bit not gonna lie. Which probably looks like some weird gnome shit to anyone watching

Brother came by earlier today and helped me huck the lump out and up into my rolly table and I got to show off one of its featchas

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I started cleaning up the outside a bit but quickly crumbled to peer pressure and ripped the top end off

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Original color with no fading because... They painted the inside of the friggin engine gooooooooold

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I somehow didn't get any pics after I pulled the jugs off but... They're off and as tradition dictates I have the ritual rags lying over everything to repel evil spirits and bad humours

Tomorrow I'll don the rubber gloves of perseverance and give the valve cover, head and calliope a scrubbo in the kitchen sink with the brush of due diligence and paint em up goodlike, then wheel the table into the driveway and give the bottom end a scrub.

There was a bunch of vintage dirt crusted down under the center head nut areas I couldn't see and some of it got down in the bottom, and although I was able to vacuum most of it I'm a suspicious cunt so I'll now have to take the pan off and rinse everything out with fuel until the gods smile once more - primarily concerned because crap fell into the links of the chain drive to transmission and shit I can't reach under from above underneath.

Not a huge deal I think

Anyway I have to get a gasket kit so that's a butt pain, suppose I'll need lines if I'm going to dirty bars...

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Right-o, job done (I'm done with it, anyway)

Put a couple hours of mindless scrub, spray, scuzzbrush the bulkhead all ta fuck

Got the cylinders and head clean enough that the paint prob won't flake off the visible parts for a couple of days, blew on some gunmetal engine paint I had (was planning on black but hey...)

Happy enough, now I can scratch them to piss putting motor back together. Tomo I've to visit the hand choppers and see what they think of my much-reduced handgina, then hopefully I'll get on to rigging a little sucky tube for the shop vac / rinsing the dirt and shit out of the bottom end.

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I wanted to make the valve cover kinda nice but I didn't want to do all the prep and waiting etc so I just went ahead and did it in a montage

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Just like the locker room at the YMCA if you come into my shop you might see an old dude's nuts, just move on with your day

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Decided to go ahead and snap a piston ring last night fucking about with the bottom end, so now I get to buy a set from Canadurr for $80 American freedom tokens. Should be in around the same time as the gasket set so won't lose time... Just cashola

Did some squaring away of things, sorting parts into bins and putting away tools and stuff, haven't gotten onto cleaning up the cases yet because I'm moping over the piston ring dumb fuckery.

In true CF fashion I ordered rings first then checked bore diameter but luckily I'm still on STD and will hopefully get away with a light deglazing jobby

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Stuck a toob on there, but the angle was wrong so I scootched it up

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Sliced and diced it

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Stuck it all back together. Plenty to be fixed in that area but later for that, on to new and more exciting tubes

Chopped back some stuff because plans changed, as always...

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Grinding away

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Ticky tacked

Bicycle Tire Wheel Crankset Bicycles--Equipment and supplies

Bit of cheating, tappy tappy tap...

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Had some phone issues and lost some recent photos and stuff. Got the forward suspension mounts sorted out mostly now. Some beautification and fiddling left but largely there.

Pleased with the stance and visuals


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