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Whacked together the rest of the arm, ish, the other day. Still going back and forth about adding a couple more tubes.

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Got up the farm today and picked up hone kit / schlepped bottom end into parts washer, got washer running and had a bit of a scrub at it. Sprayed solvent through everything and washed all the junk from pulling the cylinders down into the pan; went down there to pull the pan and found clear silicone on everything, glad I got the full gasket kit.

Cleaned the pan out and peered around up her skirt while it was off, everything looks clean and OK.

Tomorrow likely I'll get to deglazing the cylinders and thinking about starting to put it all back together.


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Painted the motor and started throwing it together the other day, after honing the cylinders and checking the ring end gaps

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This setup worked well for the purpose

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Oil pan will get pulled off next nice day and get some low glass black probably

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This HF hone was nicer than anything at AutoZone, advance, O'Reily etc, $22

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Worked fine, ten or fifteen seconds either way, had to really get some with the pumping motion to get a good angle.

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The new style Rust-Oleum caps are perfect for a 66mm bore if you cut a couple of relief slits, saved me taking pistons off to square up rings in the bores for gap checks

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I did two pistons at a time, used two 3" hose clamps to compress rings. No major issues

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I apparently didn't take any photos with the head and valve cover on so I'll get a couple and make another post soon

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More paint, and I whipped out these blockoff plates, cut the blanks on the table saw, screwed them to the stock valve caps and flush cut them.

Getting into finishing off the frame next so I can clean it up and slop some kind of coating on it. Leaning towards a basic bitch dark gray at the moment.

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Thought I made a post about this but either I didn't or my phone ate it. My brother came over for a few hours and helped me flop the motor over on its side. I also painted the frame somewhere in there

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Pretty blue and light for a dark gray, but that's what the label said

Looks okay though, and done is good.

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Due to my sweet pro status I'm able to access the VIP (vastly indignant personnel) area of Ivey industries, which is one of my favorite places to go because A) It ain't AirGas and B) Fuckin FREE STICKAS BUDDY

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They also had a clearance table and I snagged this thing for cheapo money. The counter dude even had to check to make sure it was priced right because we were both like "10$ for this??"

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Gonna be picking up them 7lb bolts and drillbits out of stuff with this mother

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Authentic patina (this cart was stolen from MIT in the early 60s with an oscilliscope on top of it, and now that it's on the internet one of their fucking dog robots is gonna come after me)

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While I was out trying to make time with Ivey, the bike sorted out getting itself down and putting its other shoe on, etc, which was nice

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I also discovered today that the upper head bearing outer race was installed by some guy with a hammer and not much of an eye, because it's cocked up about 3mm in a vaguely 4 o'clock direction in the cup... it is also cracked, predictably, which probably happened the first time they tightened down the preload nuts

So that's a $50 shit in my eye for the bearing and seals kit from All Balls but they also always gimme a damn sticker so rah rah

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Also noticed while cleaning this off that the stem is a Cognito item... must have cost more than the gixxxer front end, which in turn was worth more than the bike 馃ぃ

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I was able to acquire a rare billet skateboard and gleefully applied it to my cobblepot

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I also drove 80 minutes so I could make a new alu bearing block for the rear end so I don't have to wait for the bearings that fit the one I already made to arrive... The fighter spirit buddy 馃槀

Still needs making in machine shop:

Spacer-jobber for the bar clamps to get them above fork caps and maybe move them back a little

Footpegs / rearset stuff

Caliper bracket needs modifying to suit the nissin rear

Rotor adapter

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The maxipad! What's the slogan, Always庐 With Wings?

Managed to jack up the first and last hole, spacing wise, when I laid out and drilled the stuff. At least I gang drilled them so the fuckups are evenly distributed in a smooth fuckup layer over the whole thing


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Gold accents on motor fooking A+++++++++++++++++++++
Thanks for the feedback buddy any and all appreciated whether it's positive or telling me I'm an idiot for doing something (rex incoming)

I'm glad you like em, I was well pleased with the not-too-gold engine paint and the amount of it splashed around

Haven't managed to kick a big trench in it w/shit kicking boots yet either 馃ゾ

Chugging along at a medium pace here, the next installment of Spectacle Theatre:

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Laid out some more shit (more better this time) and drilled holes in all my parts to install rivnuts (unnnngh)

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NUTS... of riv

Poked holes in the hatrack to take (unf) grommets even though they were a bit tight in the bore, so to speak

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In the end as usual a bit of extra snugness was all to the good for everyone, as you see

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Need to grab some washers, got 6mm ss allens to suit the rivnuts in a bowl somewhere here
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