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For an unintended side project you sure pulled out all the stops on this one 馃憤
You know how it is... They kinda tend to pull themselves.

We'll just not discuss the color-coordinated brake lines, kevlar plug wire sleeves and contrasting marine heat shrink that may or may not be coming 馃槆

Speaking of which, I got my new plug caps after I broke one, but I accidentally ordered non-resistor caps... So I got resistor plugs just in case the coils need them to trigger or whatever, sorted there.

I noted that the previous builder had somewhat shoddily filled in the NGK lettering with white paint so I did a somewhat neater job w/gold on the new ones, because goooooooold

Now it looks premium yo

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

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And beheld a pale rectangle

Wood Gesture Road surface Flooring Gas

Scritch scratch with the implements

Saw Wood Tool Workbench Gas

And then STAB! STAB! STAB!

Automotive tire Wood Engineering Gas Electrical wiring

This bit was molested in two separate locations. Well traveled, it is

Motor vehicle Toy Grass Engineering Gas

More ritualistic scribing

Motor vehicle Grass Gas Bumper Font

More stabbing is needed here

Engineering Electrical wiring Circuit component Electronic engineering Slip joint pliers

Oooo lookit, purpose

Tire Wheel Cabinetry Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Lovely. Note to self: Replace sheet metal screws holding part in place with real bolts, you know, sometime

Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting Wheel
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