Two Wheeled Stimulus (not that kind you perverts)



The price of oil is thru the roof because a suit in his air conditioned office blames any and all blips on the natural disaster radar for a need to raise prices and compensate. Grocery bills are climbing and climbing because it takes longer to truck food around irradiated areas rather than drive thru them,  and the new Air Jordan’s cost more than a Chilean miner makes in 12 months.  This whole global economy thing makes my head spin, and unfortunately motorcyclists land right smack dab in the middle of it all.  While the big three motor companies in Detroit are receiving US federal money to get them out of trouble the Japanese based “big 4” motorcycle manufacturers don’t get the same concessions.  Multiple teams pulled their efforts from superbike racing due to funding issues, Suzuki has reduced sales of sport bikes to the US, and most manufacturers saw downturns of 30-40% since this global shitstorm began.


Where does that leave us other than with rising gas, oil, and tire prices?  The same place we as the street fighter community were before it began.  With a “do it yourself” attitude that helped make us, us. You want to charge me $500 for that exhaust replacement Mr OEM?  That’s fine, I’ll make my own.  You want me to pay you $350 for a product that you outsourced to China anyhow for a production cost of $6.50.  I say nay to that good sir.


How do I plan to cope with the day to day stress of an impending economic crash that could potentially cripple infrastructures and bring my ramblings of corporate zombie takeovers to fruition?  On my bike, with one wheel up, and one finger raised. 


You want to do something to help you say?  How about you put some money back into your riding obsession in different ways such as motorcycle oriented fundraisers that benefit some programs that have had funding cut due to budgetary restrictions? It’s no secret that motorcycling and charities have a long and storied history from childrens hospitals and wounded vets right on down to your local animal welfare shelter. Be a part of the intended solution rather than a speed bump an my life road.


Or maybe supporting you favorite motorcycling oriented website thru a small donation?  (insert weakly veiled plug here…….. )  The internet is the super highway of our generation by which information travels, and unfortunately the tolls are hefty to drive it.


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