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Urban Assaulting

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I've had a few of these types of bikes over the years. DR350S (dual sport, where it all started), CBR F2 'fighter, 900RR 'fighter, CR500 motocrosser street-legalized (insane), KTM 640 Duke II 'tard, and now the 1000RR naked bike. I had a few normal plastic sportbikes in there too, but most of my street miles have been on this sort of upright bike. As such, my riding style has remained in my roots, I feel like I"m on a motocrosser at all times. Elbows up, chin over the bars, 'fighter stance. I split cars, if traffic's bad I take the sidewalk, I jump curbs, cut through 'lots, launch over railroad tracks and enjoy riding sportbikes offroad (gravel's fun). Am I the only whack job urban assaulter here? I hope not, I need some sort of rationalization for my behavior.

I realized i might have a problem when I found myself jumping my last bike (a fully faired Ducati 749) over this sweet little set of sidewalk ramp "doubles" I found in a K-Mart parking lot. If I hit it just right I could clear the gap and land smoothly on the downside of the second handicap ramp. The 1000RR is much better for this sort of thing, btw. It doesn't make any scary crunching noises.
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I've been known to take the sidewalk and jump curbs. theres a few great sets of rail road tracks in my hometown that ive hit a around 70...prawly got 20 feet of air at around 3-5'' high. ahaha. that was sketchy at first.
lane splitting is for sure...i dont like to slow down for cars. theyre too stupid and slow to see me and/or react in a timely matter so i just dont give them the option for either. go fast enough and they dont see you so you just work your way thru.
my pops used to split lanes in traffic in NY when he was young and people would try to open their doors on him. thats where i learned the old boot off their mirror trick. ahaha

somethings make us all get angry. THAT is one of them for sure.

State Police in MA use the pinch as a pull over technique for bikes. this ****** ass lazy fuck cop pulled that shit on me one day when i was riding with my woman on back. he came flyin up next to me outta nowhere, edged forward a little then started just coming into my lane and pinching me between him and the guardrail. we pulled over alright. pulled over and gave that stupid bitch a earfull of screaming!

even better was he was trying to say i had been busting wheelies all the way down the like 'with my girl on the back??' you cops really dont know anything about bikes. why dont you take a look down the last exit and check out the 3 CBR's that got off before me with lots of chrome and chrome piss pot helmets.

yah we got an apology. and he never said shit about me riding with my girl on the back on a permit!

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