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Urban Assaulting

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I've had a few of these types of bikes over the years. DR350S (dual sport, where it all started), CBR F2 'fighter, 900RR 'fighter, CR500 motocrosser street-legalized (insane), KTM 640 Duke II 'tard, and now the 1000RR naked bike. I had a few normal plastic sportbikes in there too, but most of my street miles have been on this sort of upright bike. As such, my riding style has remained in my roots, I feel like I"m on a motocrosser at all times. Elbows up, chin over the bars, 'fighter stance. I split cars, if traffic's bad I take the sidewalk, I jump curbs, cut through 'lots, launch over railroad tracks and enjoy riding sportbikes offroad (gravel's fun). Am I the only whack job urban assaulter here? I hope not, I need some sort of rationalization for my behavior.

I realized i might have a problem when I found myself jumping my last bike (a fully faired Ducati 749) over this sweet little set of sidewalk ramp "doubles" I found in a K-Mart parking lot. If I hit it just right I could clear the gap and land smoothly on the downside of the second handicap ramp. The 1000RR is much better for this sort of thing, btw. It doesn't make any scary crunching noises.
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I lane split alot more than I should, seeing as its naughty and can get you a ticket. But feck em, they should make it legal here, in Canada
Good idea on the zip tie license plate hanging technique. I've been trying to come up with a way to keep the thing from being visible without making it super obvious.
Mine is sideways. I've had people (no cops yet) ask, "how do you read it if it's sideways?"
im lookin to get a fasttag for this summer:metal:
What's a fasttag?
i used to have one on my r1,they work really well,you could allways make your own,i made one for a buddy out of a choke cable
ah, I see. I saw that one a new gixxer a while back, a guy from Groundpilots. It's a good idea in my books!
endo said:
ah, I see. I saw that one a new gixxer a while back, a guy from Groundpilots. It's a good idea in my books!
its saved me tons of money on tickets,but it allso got me a ticket when i got put threw an inspection stop
Hah hah, how illegal can you get? I wouldn't put it past American cops to haul a bike away if it had one of those.
I think urban assulting is the definition of my riding style. I play checkers with the cars on my way to work at 120mph everyday. Prob not too safe but i dont even get a rush from it anymore . i feel more comfortable cuttin through and getting away from all the cars.
whenever i park on a sidewalk i always jump off the little lip where the cirb curves up 1-2ft air landing in the lane... frieks people out i love it.
Guerrilla.1 said:
just stumbled across this site so i signed up, and decided to post. lane splitting and sidewalksurfing are both illegal here in the great white north, but it doesnt stop most of the hooligans. back in august there was an accident on the highway and some dumb ass cop tried to step in front of me to make me stop, while i was doing 45 down the white line between the rows of cars. he moved pretty quick when he realized i wasnt going to stop. gotta be careful of the plate though, i hang mine on with cable ties, when stopped it hangs down normally and looks legal, at speed it lifts due to wind and the cops can't track you down by your plate. sidewalk surfing though is outta the question, all the curbs are at least 8 inches in height/concrete/broken and mangled or there's some old fuck parked on it pick his nose. cops never chase here, 'cause everyone always pulls over, so they don't know what to do when you do run. i outran 2 cop cars on a hyosung 250 that wouldnt do more than 65mph, it cornered damn good though, twice around the city square and once through it. doesnt take much. but then an old lady took me out the next day, turned left in front of me, i didnt hit but the bike went down i gravel, s'alright the bike wasnt strong enough for me, bought a '97 ZX7-R and have been fightering it over the winter, i peeled of all the plastic on its maiden non-registered/licensed/insured flight, it's alot faster than my 250.

yeah man where you from?
Here She Blows...First ride out of the season, ready to warm up while I pull on the seaboot socks and finish my last cigarette for an hour or two:

a tad early in the year to take a few buzzbox scalps this run..but good times are a comin'
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The Green Lantern said:
were still up to our balls in snow here
Haelo is right. It was up in the high 40's a week ago, that seemed like heaven. but it's back to the teens and their calling for up to 8 inches of snow by me starting tomorrow. (good thing the good go- karts are indoors. :rock: )
Good thing I'm not going to be driving for a living starting Monday.
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