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USD fork spring compressor

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Not quite ghetto, definitely not pro............ but a great way to change USD fork springs and dampners.

Needed to replace fork seals and install heavy "fat man" front spring. So I built my own fork spring compressor. Started by using a common clamp from sears. Then added a spacer and piece of tubing. A little bracing and some nuts welded to the outside. I used a mini lathe to cut the ends of the bolt down, but you could easily use a grinder or dremel tool to get the same effect. All of this came from my scrap pile and a clamp I hadn't used in years. basically a free tool. Once I got done building my tool, I was able to replace the seals, change the springs, and fork oil, both tubes together in under 2 hours.

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Nice work! I bodged something together when i did mine that i was fairly pleased with. But now it looks like crap. :D

Consider that design pinched. ;) Rep't!
Very cool. Repped
I will say the trick to making it work well......................
When its time to weld the nuts to the pipe, thread the nuts onto the bolt. Then place the bolts in the side holes. Then use a third nut to attach the bolts together end to end, a couple threads from each in the center. Then the ones to be welded and threaded down until the touch the body of the tool. No VERY important, do ALL you welding and let it cool before removing the bolts and center nut. It will keep it all aligned and make your tool much better. I didn't cut the bolt ends down until the final step.
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