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Hello guys

I'm starting a build!
RC36 Frame
RC46E Engine
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting

In plan is to retrofit a sub frame from a newer bike. Wanted to have a less is more regarding the fairings.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

I've been having some trouble in finding a some what similar size sub frame.
Is there anyone out there who can lend a hand??

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper

Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber Coil Finger

Bicycle Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Crankset

To do list

Paint ✅
Sort out electrics
Upgrade lithium battery + rectifier
Rear brake dual brake delete
Clutch and brake levers
Head light
Indicators & license plate
New tyres
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The front forks, fender, wheel, rotors, are rc36
DOOD! Nice work!!!!
Yer mah hero looks great!
Good progress zefresh,
Got side on pic of headlight or link?

View attachment 153429

Ebay, cheap, lasted way longer than I thought, any shorter was too loud.

Whenever I take the pipe off to do something, I always start it.......just for the neighbours
ATTA BOY... on the neighbors comment 🤣
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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