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Who won the 2013 Winter Buildoff?

  • thaOrleanyte - sv650 Sgt. Reckless

    Votes: 93 18.7%
  • Erki - RF600r Ugly Duckling

    Votes: 280 56.2%
  • Uktech1 - CBR900rr

    Votes: 125 25.1%
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Alright folks, after a wee bit of confusion, here's the poll for the 2013 Winter Build Off Peoples Choice Award.

This year saw 25 builds entered, and through the challenges posed by everyday life, three builders emerged victorious with their bikes (Though we expect to see, and highly anticipate the completion of the rest of the bikes).

The three builders and their bikes are, in no particular order:

thaOrleanyte & his sv650 "Sgt. Reckless"

Erki & his RF600r "Ugly Duckling"

Uktech1 & his CBR900RR

No pictures are being posted in this thread, so you will actually have to click the links above and read about each build. Voting should be on the work performed during the buildoff, as well as the finished product.
(or just skip to the last page, which I bet 95% will do...jerks)

And for anyone concerned with the date of the last post in thaOrleanytes build, we know the bike was completed well before the cut off date. There is proof, mainly the dents in the tank from an unfortunate meeting with a pick-up :bawling:, we're sure Al will have her fixed and back on the road in no time.

Good luck to the three builders, and thank you to everyone who participated in this years buildoff.

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Thanks man, sucks about the crash.

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Alberta Street fighter's:party-smiley:
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