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Vote for the June 2013 FOTM

  • Yantosh - z/gpz BluntForceTrauma

    Votes: 284 41.5%
  • MV Brutale - Brutale 1078rr Aurora

    Votes: 97 14.2%
  • fieldarcher - '02 R6

    Votes: 26 3.8%
  • ziomek954rr - '97 900rr

    Votes: 278 40.6%
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All of those are great bikes and I LOVE the stance and lines of that 900RR, but I had to go with Yantosh's bike. That headlight is so fuckin' cool and there's something about that bike that just gets to me. Awesome work guys and thank you for entering!!! KEEP GOING!

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I can NOT decide! I happen to really like ALL of them this month! :(

Really, as the "emom" of the forum, shouldn't I get to vote for ALL of them?? You know, moms aren't supposed to show favoritism.....:)

1 - 20 of 157 Posts
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