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Vote for your September 2013 FOTM

  • mule cbr1000rr's triumph

    Votes: 70 15.5%
  • SBeachill's Katana

    Votes: 55 12.2%
  • fu jac's blade

    Votes: 25 5.5%
  • 370steve's cb893rr

    Votes: 103 22.8%
  • Sideshow bob's gsxr

    Votes: 199 44.0%
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· Pueling Pueman
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Sideshow bob for me…..

I'm a massive Katana fan and that is probably one of the best examples of a bike i'd love to own i've seen in years, but as it's fighter of the month I had to choose a fighter….

love em all!!!

· Newbie
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Battle of the BRITS!
had to check & your right! :D

Well that's one way to guarantee Britain wins summut ;)

Force read?

my pic could be a bit bigger!!!:D

It already took me twenty minutes to load the page :LolLolLolLol:

and its bob pulling out an early lead
:LolLolLolLol: yes I am.......

But ain't it always the way with gixxer riders?
We start well, always storming into an early lead only to be passed by the puch maxi a mile down the road becouse we're now to busy pulling ourselves outa that hedge/ditch/horses arse* we hit.

A force read should put a stop to my showboating, gixxer based, hooliganism :rock:

*delete as appropriate
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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