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Who deserves to win the new SHift Racing Octane Leather Jacket?

  • Motohorho

    Votes: 5 7.4%
  • Gdogg007

    Votes: 2 2.9%
  • FightMyShaft

    Votes: 5 7.4%
  • Mofaka

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Badfish816

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Seth420

    Votes: 4 5.9%
  • VT420

    Votes: 4 5.9%
  • Jellyloco

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • gsxr600

    Votes: 8 11.8%
  • Pakcman

    Votes: 2 2.9%
  • Seamussam

    Votes: 32 47.1%
  • All I Do Is Win

    Votes: 3 4.4%
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Eff Tee Pee
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Heres the goods, now who's going to get them?!

# Removable/Washable full sleeve thermal liner.
# KorMax™ stretch Aramid panels.
# Custom shoulder and chest intake vents, plus zippered intake and exhaust vents.
# Vented Airprene™ comfort panels inset within the collar.
# 1.2-1.4mm premium grain leather.
# Dual-layers in key areas.
# Removable CE approved shoulder and elbow armor.
# Integrated pocket for a back protector.
# Integrated memory foam back padding.
# Reflective piping integrated into numerous seams.
# Leather accordion panels in key flex areas for unrestricted movement, while retaining abrasion resistance.
# Custom ergonomic zipper pullers.
# Full-length and short waist connection zipper, plus belt loop closure for attachment to compatible SHIFT pants.
# Auto-lock zippers in the sleeve cuff to retain strength and closure in the event of a crash.
# Internal chest pockets for additional storage.
# External side waist adjustment for a tailored fit.

Direct link to the Octane Leather Jacket

Thanks to: Shift Racing

We chose the serious entries and will let you guys decide who really wins it. Apparently there has been issues with the large companies sending things to foreign locals, so if someone from afar wins the jacket will be shipped to me and CF will pay for the shipping to the individual, as I didn't want to dis-include our foreign members...WE loves them!

so without further ado, here are your choices.

First :D Win on FOTM :)
Secondly... Win on FTOY :)
Third reason... No price on those :D
Fourth... I have advising 13 people how to turbocharge their bike :Stupid:
Fifth.... Helping 9 memper to copy something from my past bikes..
Sixth.. Im turboholic and i can't cure from that..
Seventh.... Im addicted on making radical fighters :LolLolLolLol:
8 reason... I don't rememper how to write 8 :D
Ninth... I ride on hoodies and armypants :letsride:
And tenth reason.... 106 broken bones.. 13 times operated :D 3 times dead (jumpstarted back to haunt you)
but still life and kicking ;)

I would actually like to throw my hat in the ring on this one.

My reasons would be as follows.

#1 I have a textile jacket but better protection is the name of the game.
#2 Maddison Kaylee who is 18 months old currently.
#3 Halie Marie who just turned 8 years old.
#4 Nancy who has to sleep with me every night.

They shouldn't ever have to see me with any kind of road rash.

#5 I have already downed my bike once. More are to come I am sure.
#6 Because SHIFT is bad ass.
#7 Because My Birthday is March 5th and right around the corner.
#8 I would give my textile jacket to someone else in need.

I don't really have any pictures. But I would love to take a picture of me wearing this jacket and post it up.

I'd like to win it because I haven't been able to buy a decent jacket after my good one was stolen last year. With fixing and upgrading my bike it hasn't been in the budget to get new gear, especially since I haven't been working in a while. It's been everything I can do to scrape up money to finish the bike. I'd like to win because the leather jacket I have now isn't much more than a dress up/look good piece of clothing, and if I were to go down in it it would likely rip open faster than a bag of chips at the hands of a fat kid. Let me win so I can have some piece of mind when I'm out riding this year
Sign me up please!

1) All my MX gear is shift and it's bad ass!

2) their gloves are sick so I'm sure the jacket will be too

3) I need a good reason to toss my 9 yr old textile alpine and 4 yr old icon to the curb

4) I dropped $600 on my ol 1100w and can't go out and buy it for myself (wife thinks kids deserve things too)

5) Is calling an inanimate object sexy okay...?? cause that is what I think of that Jacket

6) On the last note I wouldn't mind taking a tumble or two in the ditch with that hide

7) I've downed pretty much everything i've ever owned (not proud of that) but will do my best not to mess it up

8) I promise to condition the clean and condition the leather to show off how insanely awesome Shift is

9) I also promise to get some custom fighter embroidered or a patch put on it.

there are so many reasons and I'd love to get this. But good luck guys!
that jacket is the shnizz nit.

reasons i would like this jacket

1. i dont even have one yet cause all spare cash goes into building the bike
2. my wife and my mom would sleep better at night
3. broke as a joke.
4. i would rock that bitch every where. even when i am not riding. (free advertising for shift)
5. the wife said she would do me in that jacket

i left 5 blank cause i lost my train of thought. i will fill it in later when i can concentrate. haha
edited number 5 because number five is reason enough :shocker:
and thanks to shift and CF for this giveaway
im gonna give u a simple reason why _

my old shits dont fit! lol and i love reppin C F :)

NOhomo bitches

I need a jacket because my old one looks like this:

after the EMTs cut it off of me

and yes, that's a mesh icon TiMax2, or well, was

I'd like to throw my name in.

Hi I'm Jelly, I like motorbikes, I like shift, I like riding like an asshole....and unfortunately I do it in a hoodie.

Lets see, why should I win this.. I have a single two part reason. I have 3 children, two baby mamas and one life is too expensive for me to get anything. If its not one baby mama wantin money, its the other, or the gf, or the kids need diapers, food, roof over head, daycare, bla blabla.

I also would like to stay safe for my little chicken nuggets, they need their daddy around so I cant be gettin all fucked up if I loop out a wheelie or an asshole in a car pulls out in front of me.

I haven't even been able to put my bike together completely due to time and money so this is one less thing i'd have to buy or worry about.

please consider me as a great candidate to rock that shift jacket everywhere and bust out wheelies better than anyone else around thatd be wearing it.



i think i need this cause i wear a helment but i dont have a jacket and this is what happened

hmmm, why should i get the jacket?

i bought my motorbikesickle for 600 cash, not running, shit tires, crap paint, no headlight etc, etc.

two weeks later i had managed to cobble together her into something resembling a bike using old yamaha/honda/whatever parts.

i just recently replaced the front tire, 3years later and after much, much riding.

point is, this bike has ALWAYS been on a ramen shoestring budget, and my secondhand feildsheer jacket has more patches than my bike.

for the past two weeks, after landing a new job at ups, and getting uncle sams tax return :)
i have literally spent twelve hours a day ( and every spare penny) on this bike, painting, new parts, tune ups ( clutches springs are fooking STIFF.) the people at customfighters have been a wonderful help, and have hooked me up w/ new parts and tips. as we speak my hands are covered in brake fluid and the front pads were the final peice to being able to ride again. but the tax return is gone, and bills loom. rear tire, sprockets, and chain will have to wait.

This girl was my daily driver for college, and she never let me down. i wanted to do something for her, so after two weeks of tlc, she is looking fine and fierce! But nobody wants to see a beaut bike with some hobo on top.

that shift jacket and a fresh coat of flat black on my thrice-crashed kbc helmet would give my baby the respect she deserves, and no one will ever mutter "rat bike" again!

if possible i will post pics so yall can understand :)

a jacket would be awesome for me at the moment.
after the aussie floods did this to my house
the contents of my house

with my suzuki, dads harley and my rickman all going right under and still sitting at the shop getting flushed, i really need a break. i spent all my remaining money on a honda to replace the suzuki. and still have no jacket!

i dont like to bitch and whine about it, but seriously, a new jacket would be huge for me at the moment.

All I do is win

I know this is late in the game but i would like to the list of people who want this jacket. well actually i dont want it for me i want it for my girlfriend. she moved here a few months ago and lets just say financially has not been in great shape. and after paying my bills and helping her each month i cant afford to get her a good jacket. right now she has a cheap fake leather jacket she wears and to be honest I cant bare the thought of her getting hurt on the back of my bike. so please shift give me that jacket so she can be better protected and safe. here is a picture of her on my bike with her "leather" jacket.

The Soft Serve Enigma
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seamus for me all the f'n way. You are all great, and if I had the money I'd give to everyone who need protective gear...and I'd give Denver protective gear so there's no risk of procreation lol

But seamus has been through some serious shit, losing house and home...the least he deserves is a damn jacket!

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Seamussam got my vote. no one should have to go through that

Everything is simple...
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Motohoro's reason 8, 9, and 10 did it for me.

Killed The Street
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Am I not allwed to enter cos I'm from UK?

Killed The Street
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entrants are all said and done with. we're on to voting already pal
I did enter a couple of days after my crash with a landrover but then Adam decided not to put me in here with no explenation.

Woulda been nice to be told why I was left out

Killed The Street
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i'll be damned you did

looks like SOL got left out maybe too
Yeah there would be no point putting me on there now anyway as people have already started to vote so nevermind.

Sorry for the bad reaction I was just pissed off for being overlooked and I'm still sat here in pain take shit loads of pain killers from the crash, an to read this line " We chose the serious entries " and then people who don't want to save for gear cos there spending cash on a bike or have out grown there stuff get entered,
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Am I not allwed to enter cos I'm from UK?
Definitely not, from the first post:
Apparently there has been issues with the large companies sending things to foreign locals, so if someone from afar wins the jacket will be shipped to me and CF will pay for the shipping to the individual, as I didn't want to dis-include our foreign members...WE loves them!
I did enter a couple of days after my crash with a landrover but then Adam decided not to put me in here with no explenation.

Woulda been nice to be told why I was left out
I'm sure it was a mistake, I'll find out from Adam next time I talk to him. Sorry you were left out!

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"All I do is win" gets the votes if pics are posted wearing only the jacket! (yeah, I went there! :D)

Vt or seass......seem like some dudes in need, same with FMS.

Lord Zed
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aussie Ftw... certain things in life are preventable... flooded house now that is something you cant beat
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even though i entered...... seamusam lost a lot more than i did....

but i do say *IF* all i do is win can provide pics of his chick in just the jacket, it would be worth it :D

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