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Which is 2010's Fighter of the Year?!

  • Seth420

    Votes: 120 12.0%

    Votes: 27 2.7%
  • Pigmool

    Votes: 76 7.6%
  • ban-1200

    Votes: 17 1.7%
  • Motohorho

    Votes: 203 20.4%
  • Spikeydevilbandit

    Votes: 68 6.8%
  • u531355

    Votes: 38 3.8%
  • moto15

    Votes: 91 9.1%
  • Sideshow Bob

    Votes: 190 19.1%
  • Skullrod

    Votes: 64 6.4%
  • Radiobloke

    Votes: 38 3.8%
  • Renegades

    Votes: 65 6.5%
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Congrats to Motohorho,,nice win :party-smiley: good race to the finish between yourself and SSB (there's always the next one Bob with hopefully a new build from yourself to keep us entertained) :)

Thanks to those who voted for my own one and i have it all to look forward to in a years time again :)

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Big thanks for everyone that has voted.
For me or others....
BOB gave good fight.. like fighters should always :)

It's nice to see that you like what I have made.. I hope that new bike is inspiration to some also.
It's ready for FOTM this year.. Entering on that ? Probably not..
I don't like fame. I'm just to spread finnish way to make "dam I Shit on my pants" kind of fighters :rock:

Yera goodun mate !


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congrats motohorho. well deserved

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S/Show Bob yer fookin skidlid isa blast mate.
:LolLolLolLol: an It's the first time I EVER bought a lid to specifically go witha bike...

...usually, I'm well agains matching leathers/helmets an, go for either a plan black or white lid... but with the pure tongue in cheekness that is Roadkill it seamed somehow appropriate:D

Stinky Crusty Old Bastard
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yeah...... sunbed Orange & bright white teeth.....

.... errr..... damn! betraying my pastywhite crooked teethed roots :LolLolLolLol:
I fuckin knew it, coz I saw you at last years British superbikes with your helmet on.

I remember thinking....... "Fuckin big head, I bet he's got a nice bike too"
141 - 160 of 173 Posts