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I'm starting a new topic which I would like to share with you my plans and their progress
On NOV 2022 I purchased a HONDA VTR1000 converted into streetfighter (1400$ for a bike). It can be said that it is 90% complete but with defects.

issues at the begining:
  • KOSO DB01 speedometer backlight not work
  • fuel level is not displayed on KOSO DB01.
  • motorcycle jerk at 5000 RPMs and at 7000 RMS(generally feel that there is a lack of power in the mid and high range RPMs)(carbs right now, mj:175&178, pj:45&45, ps: 2 and 1/2, standard airbox and airfilter)
  • leaking front suspension

plans, mods, upgrades:
+ MT-03 head lights mod
+ K&N filter
+ carb tuning for 2in1 exhaust
+ front suspension leaks repair
+ welding the new subframe adjusting the RSV4 tail
+ fender change, spoiler change, painting
+ brake stainless hoses

Below photos from the day of purchase.

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What have I been able to do during this period of time ?:)

+ Mod of MT-03 lamp (Bi-lens for halogen or LED H1 bulb + angel eye, inner plastic painted to black, outher plastic painted to main bike color), amazing difference, the lens shines brilliantly.
+ assembly of all brake and clutch stainless hoses,
  • assembly new mirrors
  • rear turn signals
  • changed jets in carbs (main jets and pilot jets),
  • changed brake and clutch reservoirs

+ I found fuel level sensor from a Chinese 125ccm motorcycle (5$ only), it fits perfectly with the bolt and the hole to the tank, the only thing that needs to be changed is to bend the sensor to work freely from 0 to 100 ohms then I already have the fuel level on koso meter.

What am I going to do :unsure: ?

+ welding and fit frame for RSV4 tail
+ paint the frame, engine to black,
  • fix the backlight in KOSO DB01R
  • (It is possible that I will be able to buy KOSO DB-02R in good money, so I will install it)
    [*]install the manual tensioner ( OEM

Honda tensioners are faulty)

Current pictures of VTR
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Great colour!
If its not already been done, definitely recommend getting the automatic tensioners changed ASAP for the manual type, my VTR blew up twice, both times the standard tensioner looked ok until the timing slipped... pistons hitting valves is a PITA and bloody expensive... but still love the sound of that VTR engine 馃憤
You're right, automatic tensioners could gives bad surprise;)
Manual ones are already waiting for assembly, when I remove the engine, I will replace them, check the valve clearances and the timing as well
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That's really cool bike. Can't wait for that RSV tail mate! What year of rsv you want tail to fit?

Masz moze jakies zdjecia z przerabiania lampy? To jakis gotowy kit? Mam taka chinska lampe wlasnie w swoim kundlu.
Yesterday I already started welding subframe for RSV4 tail. I have to figure out some small things( base below the tail, screwing tail to subframe etc.) But like always step by step ; )

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Regarding to MT-03 lamp, I reworked it by myself but
You can buy kit for a 140$ Nice movie from disassembly + link to the Kit

You can DIY like me
1. You need to buy the smalles lens on the market I bought this one and, Its pretty good (40$)

2. Disassemble the lamp according to the video above.
3. Make a flat plate holder, drill holes for screws and a hole for the lens, the adjusting screw needs to be attached to plate somehow
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4. When you did step 3, You need to paint inner plastics to black and the frame of the lens as well
5. You have to assemble everything and get the electric plugs to install the lamp in the motorcycle

Approx. cost DIY ~ 50 $ vs Kit ~ 140 $ + shipping costs

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Small update, I managed to get a KOSO DB-02R counter + indicator kit for $80.
6 hours of work and everything connected 馃槄馃く馃槂.

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The previous KOSO DB-01R had a damaged backlight, the DB-02R is 1000x better than it. DB-02r features include:
  • fuel level
  • liquid temperature
  • oil temperature
  • time
  • trip A, B, ODO, motorhours
  • 3 types of tachometer
  • acceleration tests, distance test
and much much more.

The RSV4 rear end has been finally attached, it's going to be painted soon, I need to make the lower plastic, glue the seat and paint the subframe; )

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