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I need the following from an 08+ 1000rr:

  • Battery tray
  • Subframe lower plate
  • Subframe upper brace and latch
  • Gauge wiring harness
  • Undertail
  • Left Handlebar switch

And then if you have a tail fairing and under fairing - I'll take them if they're on the cheap (rash is fine) and I don't care about the colors.

I also need a pump from a GSXR 1000 or SV1000/650. I think that most of them swap between years, right? It's just the wiring that's a bit different (which I don't care about). I'm sure you know better than I do. Preferably, I need one for an 03/04 1000, or at least, that's the tank it's going in. If you know a different year or model would work - that works for me.

Its ridiculous what they're asking for on ebay.
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