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Wanted: SV650 Or Any Compatible Shift Linkage

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My neighbor and I are gonna make a suicide shifter for my track bike for shits ans giggles. To do this we need the linkage that clamps to the shift shaft. I'll have to look and see what the spline count is but it's giong on an SV650. Thanks.
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They're pretty much all the same from just about any bike. Just grab something and make it fit. lol
I seriously don't think, out of all the bikes I've had, that I've ever seen one that didn't fit from one jap bike to another. My XS400 had a Ninja 250, Ninja 600, Katana 750, some random odd one that I had laying around, etc... they all fit perfectly well.

Sometimes the clamp method is slightly different. Some use the bolt into a groove on the selector, some use the bolt just to clamp the splines down... but they're pretty much all the same ID/spline count.
Thats odd. I found one in the shop thats a totally different diameter and spline count and it was the first one I picked up.
I'll look. You need one with the linkage or the direct jobby(like the 1100 Kat)?

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I just need the piece that clamps on to the shift shaft itself. Any attached pieces would be a bonus in case I need it as part of the design.
Not sure if I kept the stock stuff off the 750, I'll let you know.

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Thanks guys. Please let me know if something comes up.
I had to pull the complete shift linkage off the '99 Katana to sell the sprox cover off it. You want to try it out, it's yours man. Just PM me an address... need to pay it forward for a gift from a brother.

Pedal, adjuster rod, and splined part included.
Well get ahold of me if you change your mind, I have a couple of them.
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