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was a lurker now a newbie

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Hi, my name is Ryan, I'm from the lake district, which for those of you In the states is in Ingerlaand. Those in Britain it's the home of sellafield nuclear site and Carlisle united, and the rest of the world it's just before Scotland. First of all I've been lurking for a few years. I'm quite selfish when it comes to the internet but I'm getting better so bare with me.

Right bikes and shit. I've always been interested in how things work, taking them apart etc. i passed my bike test 5 years ago insurance quotes were massive for 600 sports bikes but really cheap for fireblades. So i bought one for my first bike, learnt some lessons quick. since getting the bike I've progressively changed it to how i want. Pics to follow.

For anyone who read the above before edit, sorry about the spelling, predictive text and satellite connection on a 24hour ferry made for a frustrating mix.
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Hi and welcome in from the other side of the pennines :knucks:
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Oi Oi! welcom in matey;)
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Whale Cum in Dude.
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Welcome to CF Ryan! Liked your intro & sure I'll like those pics when you post 'em.....;)
Welcome to CF.............
Welcome to CF
The blade when I bought it.

After riding for a while and winter setting in, it's called the lake district for a reason you know, I got itchy fingers.

Rear brake pads needed changed. which obviously turned out to mean i was fitting a single sided swingarm. Which for those looking to do this. You don't neccassarily need the 20mm spacer i made one up when the swingarm was on it's way but I didn't need it. I can't remember which way round it is, but it's either the large pivot bolt from the vfr and the threaded carrier that inserts into the frame and has the castle nut, from the blade or the exact opposite.

As I never thought the older looking bulbous rear end suited the front fairings i started looking round for what did. A 929 cowl came up cheap so I thought I'd give it a go. once on it was obvious it was what I'd been looking for.

For a good while i road round like this with the cosmetics not done but never since buying the bike did I wanting fairings but couldn't decide. All my mates had sports bikes and I didn't fancy the neck braking wind on longer jaunts up scotland and so on whilst they were tucked in behind fairings. However recently They got cb1000r's and the like, muhahahaha.
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