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Hey guys, I'm over in Brooksville, FL. Always a tinkerer, newly a rider, 5 months in, have a complete rebuild under my belt and looking to hear from some of the gurus for advice. I'm fairly mechanically inclined and dabble is some electrical. Some of my information will undoubtedly be cross posts from the yzf600r forums as, you guessed it, that's what I'm running! She's nakid and slowly getting mods. Thanks for having me!

Here's a relatively recent pic after a long night of work
Soon to add a koso knock off speedo and an aftermarket headlight to replace the dirty front end.
Have a current picture attached
Right now the bike is nakid. Purchased with no fairings but the unsightly surge tanks out in the open shit show/IMG_20160201_132315.jpg
A total mess, way worse than she looks. I did a total tear down and rebuild. Replaced the notorious second gear failure, painted, replaced lots of parts and had lots of snags and issues!
More pic when I have more time! For now, I need advice on an electrical problem!


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