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i cant fart
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i bought it crashed. clean title. got a guy that wants it as it sits to turn into a fighter/hooligan machine. no doubt in my mind ill be making some what of a profit just need to decide how much.

06 honda cbr1000rr that in this shape right now. i got it to burp and fire but needed spark plug and throttle cables and new gas to get it running and what not. i put new plugs in and in the middle of doing the cables now. theyre just a pain in the ass so its taking some time. then it should run and stay running. just changed the oil to make sure it looked good and flushed and replaced coolant. replaced switched and right clipon, new subrame and both right side pegs and rear master cylinder. rear brakes working and wheel spinning nice and straight.

-front wheel
-front master cylinder
-steel tank is dented but not leaking and have a plastic cover the replace the one that got broke in the crash.
-plastics, headlight, upper stay. (but he said he woouldnt be using them anyway) i do have a tail, rear seat cowl and both seats to give him with the deal so all he should need is lights but thats up to him anyway.
- it had an after market exhaust but got bent up pretty good but i have a stock one to give him but doesnt line up with the aftermarket midpipe but he said he can weld

and im giving him everything off the crashed bike in case he can reuse any of it

how much should can i get out of it?


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Unless you got it for goddamn near free, or the guy who wants it is dumber than a bag of dog shit, good luck on making any profit at all. If the front wheel is that bad, I'd lay money in Vegas the forks won't be straight, and I'd give serious consideration to having the frame inspected as well. I have an '07, and found out I wasn't going to make squat selling it off, so it sits in the garage waiting for me to have time to finish it.

How much have do you have in it?
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