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What $ to ask for my bike - your opinion

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05 ZZR600 Fighter 9k miles
Never stunted
Clean title
Fully custom 1-off bodywork
636 swingarm
zx10r rear suspension
Lots of small aesthetic mods
New paint (to be completed next month)
Never had a mechanical problem, maintained meticulously.
The bike turns heads EVERYWHERE.

Stock 05 ZZR600's are going on ebay for $5800 or so, new they are ~$7200

What do you think I should ask for mine? I'm thinking $5k ish?? (know anybody interested??)

Heres a pic, but its without the paint done. It'll be a black frame, with an emrald green color on the body.
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No, it didn't upload, tells me I cant upload that pics cus its uploaded in another thread... what the heck??
no, not for the baby. I'll use the $ from this bike to build another. I hate the feelling that I've done to a bike all that I can do. While I could still do more to this bike, its about good right now, deffinatly good enough to sell. So I may as well move on to the next challange, before I get too attached.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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