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GS750 First fighter build

Hey guys, and gals. The names MO! I've been building this 1982 Suzuki GS750, and during the build I googled somethings (questions and what not) and got directed to this page a few times, so I decided to sign up and share my bike and see if I can help anyone, or anyone can help me. I'm a noob to this forum so take it easy on me. Bring lube.

That's what the bike looked like when I first got it . I learned how to ride on that bike haha. But anyway.
Had it for a while me and my brother messed around with it. We made it into a hard tail at first, we got rid of the side shocks/spring whatever. And messed with the handle bars .

Then we decided to chop the rear off and get a bobber look . and got a straight drag bar .

Rode it like that for a while it was a really fun ride . then when winter hit I found a deal for a rear swing arm, front and rear wheel, and a rear caliper assembly. so I bought that, then took the bike apart and started test fitting to see what I had to do. The rear was off of a yzf600r 1998 (if I remember correctly )

The front wheel was too big (obviously) for the front forks/triple tree assembly .

I later got the rear shock assembly for the swing arm. I also got a 89 GSXR front end almost complete just missing top clamp and handle bars. (which I later got)

(There is a lot of pics and things that were done . can't do it all in one sitting lol, fforgive me . if you wanna see more just holler. )

:rock: :)

Alright, adding in some more of the build. I'm near the end. I can see the light.

Here, as you can see, I'm getting the front end and harness ran through and figuring out what I'm gonna use. And what I'm not .

(excuse the mess)

I later had to cut the bar you see there to get the swing arm to clear.

After that , I figured out chain clearance, ground clearance, and height. Then made a mount for the top of the shock.

(this is a little mock up )

(these are from before I tack welded.)

I'll get more posed asap

I later tack welded that into place. After I tack welded I double checked everything tested the tack welds with the bikes weight. Plus mine (220 pounds )
And they held in place. And it did what it was suppose to do.

I also had to make a mount for the rear brake master.

Hope I'm not boring anyone haha but after that I welded everything into place .

As you can see , the tail end is too close to the wheel. Plus I want to get some height on the tail. So what I did was heat the tubes and slowly lowered the bike onto a piece of wood.

After I raised the rear I set the tank on and and the seat to figure out how I want to mount the seat.

It's coming together pretty nicely , I'll have to post the rest later but if you have any questions or comments. Feel free.

** Hey guys so I ran into a problem with the chain alignment. So I went to the help section. And figured out what I need to do. I ordered a 5/8 offset sprocket. And everything is good except the bottom chain / frame clearance.
So now I'm in the works. I have to take everything back off and cut to make clearance.

This was the previous gap!

The sprocket.

gap be gone.

Any recommendations?

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Glad you didn't stick with the ghetto hardtail... I don't get it -- doesn't look clean, and probably hurts your ass. Worst of both worlds.
That's not a negative comment towards you in particular... I just don't get the point of the solid strut ghetto hardtail idea.

That new wheel with those dual brakes are gonna' look nice and beefy on the front end. ;)

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You're totally right man haha it was pretty ugly but hey, it was my first bike, & first build. This is how you learn . but it wasn't so bad. It was for short city rides . wasn't too noticable once you're on and rolling . but thanks for your input!

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Whenever you post new info, put it in your newest post and you don't need to bump the thread. It bumps itself.

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Okay. If that's how it's done here. I just thought this way it would be easier/neat.
Yeah. In addition to kudo's we also try to learn from and/or teach one another and context is super helpful for an evolving conversation. If we all just throw replies at your one post the context is totally lost :p

But hey it's your thread so do it however the fuck you wanna do it. :)

I like this sort of build :) air cooled Suzuki with better running gear does it for me every time

just a suggestion from doing the same sort of thing a few times ...... your shock mount needs an X or V shaped brace above it going right up into the corners of the tubes under the tank, this is because of the extra stress put on the weakest part of the stock frame when converting to monoshock & the X will transfer the forces through to a stronger part of the frame (top tube)

It does mean you wont be able to use a stock airbox but I guess you wouldn't anyway :)
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