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i cant fart
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i didnt make this. i got it from SMJ and the creator would really like feedback. comment on his thread if u are a member. vv link bellow vv. or comment here and ill make sure he gets it.

So who needs help developing the reflex of using the rear brake?
I bet most of us who love wheelies are capable of doing only power wheelies. And i believe that power wheelie is bad. Not only it lasts 3 to 10 seconds, but it's damn dangerous - it doesn't let one develop the most important reflex - braking! When doing power wheelies one finds it pretty easy to simply close the throttle to put the bike back on two wheels. 4T's on low gears have a decent engine braking power and it keeps one off of developing that important reflex.
Being totally unhappy with my wheelies and i came up with an idea of making myself a wheelie simulator. So i'm sitting here with my laptop in the kitchen training wheelies, teaching my leg to brake, to be exact.
Here's a screenshot of my sim.

It looks like a cheap arcade game buts it not a game at all. There's no gameplay and it's only goal is to teach me use my leg for braking.
Try it for yourself, it's made with Unity and works in a web browser.

A couple of instructions before you do it.
To make sure it feels somewhat like a motorcycle i made 3 buttons - 'clutch' and 'throttle' are located on the left and right of the keyboard (shift and enter btns) and 'rear brake' is a mouse button (any). The most ridiculous thing here is that you have to put a mouse on the floor under your leg :D But this is where your rear brake is, so clean up there and do it.
This somewhat puts you in a rider position, you can start the sim.
1. By pressing 'enter' you accelerate the bike and will see it going up
2. Release 'enter' to drop the bike back on two wheels
3. Try accelerating again giving the throttle in short doses until it goes higher but doesnt flip back. This is a stage of learning power wheelies.
4. When you go beyond the balance point, brake with your leg. This will put your bike back on two wheels.
5. Now do short doses of throttle and break. When mastered.
x. You will probably crash often, so use R button to restart.
x. There's also a speedometer showing your speed in kmh. The bike is running in 2nd gear and you cant switch. Max speed is aroud 80-85. Keep an eye on it and tacho
x. Oh, and there's also a Clutch button - Left Shift. With it you can pop a wheelie from a stand still. Play with it like you do with a real one.

To run this sim you'll be prompted to install Unity extension. Unity is a very popular game engine and its extension is legit, won't do any harm dont worry. If you are unfamiliar, google 'unity 3d wiki' to read some quick info.
And make sure you mouse cursor is located in the viewport area, so window doesn't lose focus when you click (brake).

Try it, learn to control and give some feedback. I started developing it a couple of days ago and might go on further improving.

phew.. thats a lot of instructions. this is a lot easier that it looks. and who knows, maybe you finally get a new reflex ;p

i got a revolution happening here in my city at the very moment. serious sht happening, molotovs flying. i think i'll go take part, lol

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Looks cool I'm going to try it when I get home to my laptop

Hack in a barn
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Been meaning to dig out the wireless mouse and have at this!
I've been addicted to the "yutughh" flash game for a long time now lol...
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