Are you sick and tired of the constant in your face push for ATGATT (All The Gear – All The Time) mentality yet?  Well too bad because I’m going to give you more!

Why is it that to be cool when riding with your pack of slightly post pubescent friends that helmets always look good as makeshift crash bumpers on your helmet hook instead of on your head?  At least that tail section of your minty fresh GSXR will come out unscathed in a crash while you remain in a vegetative state and people can mingle around at your bedside and discuss how nice your bike looks.

While we are on this subject let’s discuss the passengers, shall we?  The next time I see some dude with his lady or man (see, I'm neither sexist) on the back sans helmet while he strokes his ego in his shiny new Arai that is perfectly color matched to his bike I swear to god that I am going to stiff arm him off his bike in traffic and offer the lady a safe ride home.  What makes your dome more valuable than the person with absolutely ZERO control over what your bike does from the passenger pillion?

Flip flops…….really? Let me fire up my belt sander and see how comfortable you are to pressing your freshly pedicured digits onto the grainy surface at mach 2, because that as close as I can get to recreating wartime torture in my garage.

Don’t even get me started on plaid shorts.

A wise man once told me, “Better cowhide than your hide” and I believe every bit of it. Not just because I have a racing background and leather suits have saved me from serious injury more times then I can count, but because I have a family and friends that expect me home everyday in one piece. Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for those you might leave behind or may be wiping your backside when you can’t.

Rant over.