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Which Jacket

  • Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0

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  • Vanson Mark 3 Vanson Mark 3

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  • Alpinestars Stage

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  • Other....please explain below

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I think i have narrowed it down to a couple of jackets...let me know what you guys think.

Please vote then explain why. I like the A* one but it is bit pricey. I like the JR one because it is pef'd in the sleeves, and is cheaper but it isnt CE armor.. The well...a vanson. I plan to check out what they have this weekend. Vanson is also $$ and ugly as hell...

1.2 to 1.4mm full-grain leather for excellent abrasion resistance
Multiple stitched main-seam construction for maximum tear resistance
Removable CE-certified shoulder and elbow protectors
Ergonomically placed Schoeller stretch Cordura® panels and leather flex zones
Perforated front leather panels for ventilation
YKK Semi Auto Lock zippered wrist closures
Removable thermal vest
Microinjected logos
Connection zipper allows attachment to selected Alpinestars leather pants
Back compartment with foam back pad (CE-certified RC back protector available separately)

1.2mm drum-dyed cowhide
Dual density body armor in elbows, shoulders and spine
Elastic sleeve adjusters
Removable insulated vest liner
Sure Fit™ adjustable waistband
8" and full circumference zipper for pant attachment
Reflective stripe

Competition weight drum-dyed top grade cowhide (an average of 1.5 mm thick)
New vent system opens up entire front of jacket
Cordura on the underside of the arms and sides
Cloth inner collar to keep air out, as well as to improve comfort
Front Cordura zipper aids in keeping air out
Adjustable waist feature
Double thick leather at the elbows, forearms, and shoulders
Two inside pockets
Pre-snapped to receive Streamliner thermal vest
Vanson body armor compatible
Three zipper system for attachment to Sport Rider pants and also Technical Pants
Pre-curved sleeves

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heh actually the 54 may not be that big...i'm pushing maximum density hoping to buy a 50...i'm currently trying to loos some weight..

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i like the A* the best, because its plain and simple. however A* charges so much dam money, i wouldnt buy it on principle.

i have a hat, but i got it for cheap cuz i work at the shop and get a good discount. hmmm.... i wish i had some of my catalogues from work right now. tryin to think of what the best jacket out there is.

have you looked into Cortech at all...theyre a company on the come up and have real quality leather jackets. IM SO Happy with mine! after 2 crashes, its a little scuffed, but no holes, no split seams. and its a cool plain black jacket. me likey.

this is a newer version. the Impulse II


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if youre interested in a SYA one.... cant get pics and specific info until monday.

but it'd take like two weeks time from the date you order to make +4 weeks delivery.

not sure how much of a rush your in.

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Big Red - I will see what we are going to charge on the jackets.

We can make so it accepts the pants as well we have zip in linner and the jacket perforated.

Sorry for not answering you about this earlier. I have been jumping through my ass these past weeks on a few bike builds.

The leathers we sell will be much cheaper in price but as good if not better in quality. We double stitch all the seems a well.

They are not for show but rather are work leathers made to hit the pavement in a race.

I can custom size for you and all post members at no cost extra (Jackets only) So when you get to the weight you want we can measure you up and make a one off to your specific size.

Our armor is basically CE armor design but then we enhanced the padding.

Internal removable back protector (CE) is included.

I got YKk zippers

1.2-1.4 mm thick leather etc...

All the specs for the other suits are on mine or more so.

Arms are not vented but they have stretch kevlar (which breaths). Chest is fully vented.

I can slap your name on there as well if you wish. 2 usd a letter if not custom sizing - custom sizing is included

here is a pic of my friend he is 6-3" tall and quite the "V' back and we custom sized for him.

basically take tehe race suit and add a zipper in the middle and you got one of my jackets.

I do not paln to do jacket only style at this time , just jackets that will accept the pants for a 2 piece zip together race suit. Sorry.
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