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Starting to shop around for someone to make a drop triple for Coffee Pot. It's a 82 Virago 920 stem in a 96 katana 600 lower triple. I've got the bottom sorted out, but the top is just too high with the shorter forks, and the ride height has suffered (3.5" no rider, no gas) I need to raise the front up some, I'm thinking like 1.5". The reason I reused the Virago stem rather than the Katana is the height difference. The kat is much shorter, it's been a while so I don't remember exactly how much.

I can send lower triple with stem if needed. Not looking for over the top, ground breaking stuff. Just a clean drop with two/three allen pinch bolts on either side. I would like a semi-circle cut into the front, centered to accommodate a tach mount (can absolutely send tach with it for measure mock up).

I would also be very open to having a set made (assuming I could afford it) and would in that case just purchase another stock virago lower to send to you to pull the stem out of.

This is not a need it tomorrow kinda thing. Just putting the feels out right now. Trying to get an idea of design and cost involved.

So as a break down


Use 1996 Katana 600 Forks, with 1982 Virago 920 stem
Drop of 1.5", the smoother and less noticable the drop, the better, but i'm realistic about it too.
Pocketed allen head pinch bolts.
Use stock, or stock looking stem bolt for mounting to stem.


Semi Circle cut out and tach mount
Want built ready to go on my bike by Mid May

Do not need/want:

Polished or any fancy shit finish. I plan to paint. I do not want this part to stand out, I would honestly prefer if it looks like it was a factory thing, not an add on. This is a functionality thing, not a vanity thing.

I have access to machinist micrometers and that crap, so I can get accurate measurement of what ever you'd like. If you were fairly local to be, I'd honestly give you the bike if it makes it easier, or also could strip the frame and give you that, the triple and the forks. I have no intentions of shipping that crap though.

I have never ordered a custom piece like this before. I kinda need to be walked through what to expect, how much it costs, and what is and isn't doable.

ok, so here is one that I found from a google image search.

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