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My name’s Dee. I hail from Maryland. My uncle first introduced me to bikes way back when and I started riding 10 years ago. My current bike is a vfr 750.

Since I’ve started riding, I’ve been constantly upgrading, replacing and generally putting a whole chunk of change and time into my bikes (probably the equivalent of the GDP of a small country at this stage :D). It’s worth for the joy of getting out on the road!
In my case local doesn’t present loads of choice, so usually I try to find a few good online stores with good after sales service and stick with them. At this stage, I’ve dealt with my fair share of stores. Over the years, one thing that’s bothered me has been that I haven’t come across a single store that has made it worth my while to be a long serving customer. I’m not expecting much, but when you’re spending a lot of your hard-earned cash with the same store it would be nice to have that acknowledged.

I've tried group buys, and although they can be useful, they’re time consuming, as well as being limited for obvious reasons.

I'm wondering if I'm just me or if other people in the broader biking community see this as a big enough problem to warrant someone (i.e. me) putting their time into finding a solution? Or maybe if there’s already a solution that I just haven’t seen yet?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Here’s a link to a landing page for the purpose of gauging interest

PS: I'm new to the forum so not sure this in the right place. If it's not just let me know and I'll move it.
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