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Is my bike ok?
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I know a lot of us are tinkerers in general, so I figured I'd put this out there. I could hit up eBay, but I'm trying to avoid that.*

If anyone is , or runs across a buddy that is, parting out a GM fullsize truck, suburban or blazer that is throttle body injected ( TBI ) give me a shout, please.*

Needs to come from an 87-99 V8. Preferably a 454, but a 350 will work. V6 will not work.

I'm looking for the complete fuel injection system : throttle body,corresponding distributor, complete wiring harness, sensors, brackets, etc.*

I'm coming up empty in my area, and I also refuse to pay the current $6 fee required to simply enter my local salvage yard. Can you believe that??? It doesn't matter if you find what you were looking for or not, they charge a $6 door cover just to get in to the joint. Not happening. I'd rather pay the shipping cost than pay them their fee. It's just a matter of principal.*

I'm still doing some research, so passenger car systems may be a viable option, so I may update the thread, but as of now it's looking like the light truck systems are the way for me to go.*

Thanks for looking. Reply here or feel free to PM me.
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