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wtb new complete bike

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bandit 1200
ktm 620 or 640
maybe a 900rr
slingshot 1100
possibly zx9

somebody has to know somebody. been searching CL for the past month. Had a 954 sold under my nose today, about to give up and use money toward instrument rating.
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thats one heck of a bike, wouldn't hesitate if i didn't have a blown back. I would have to do some modifications to it, i'm not sure if my riding position would be adequate to my hooligan needs.

any pics of you on the bike?
I just put a new set of dirtybars on it. Its way more comfy now than the clipons.I could try to get a pic with me on it.
post them whenever you get the chance
Ill try to get some up tomorrow. Im at work and havent had the time yet. Sorry
Im still trying to figure out how to attach pics from photo bucket on my phone...........
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