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I have a friend that put his 2001 bandit down. After he heals he wants to get it back together. If anyone has any of the parts needed please send pricing along with item :
here's what we need
front wheel
front tire
rear tail fairing
left peg assembly
shift lever
clutch/brake hand lever
crank case cover
front fender

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is this a 400, 600, or 1200??

i have a complete tail/seats/tail light and bars for a bandit 400,

and i MAY have the same parts for a 1200, depending on what my customer wants to do with his old stuff. i can find out for you monday if need be.

*edit- duh, yeah, there weren't any b4's in '01. so uh, if it's a 1200, i may have some parts.

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Well do the cost comparisom.
Get new parts it cost lots and the bike looks STOCK,
Get used parts the bike looks STOCK,
Fighter it It's One of a KIND......
They terll me the old original Katana tank will fit....
Or maybe the 1150 EF....any way some to think about....

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sometimes you can't make someone they are not
The fact of the matter is that I myself am an average rider at best. The bike I ride is the one that I ride was chosen because I enjoy the idea of "making" my bike my own. I remeber the thread about why we are streetfighters. For me, it's the idea that There is no one on the planet that has my bike. Alot of the guys that I ride with are thrilled with themselves when they are able to place a new sticker in just the right spot to make it look fast. I get a kick out of the time I spend shaping a seat. I enjoy motorcycles but the wave of people who use the genre to make themselves into something they are not sickens me. The reason I log into this site evryday is to gain knowledge about the endless possiblities that any bike has to offer.I enjoy the kindered spirit of the people here who with the smallest of budgets slowly transform the bikes that they have into the bikes that they want. If a guy wants a stock bike then I welcome him with open arms because at the end of the day he's just putting together the bike that he wants. Now if he is looking for a unique riding experence and an endless source for knowledge I would surly send him here,

I didn't mean to sound awkward but this has been building up for a while
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