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As the title states, I'm looking to purchase a quality custom bike. With all the car projects I have going, there simply isnt the time for me to build one. I'm open to a wide variety of bikes. Cafe, bobber, fighter, vintage, new, whatever. I'm looking for something well built and reliable that requires only minor finishing touches AT MOST. Looking to keep it under $7500. I work with several shipping companies and have no problem having it shipped.

Some examples:

chopped / screwed literbike monster
tight and polished 600CC looker
big CC twin cruiser with a serious lean towards power and minimalist presentation
cafe-ish bikes with all the details worked out - modern platform preferred
factory nakeds with nice mods

I am 6'3 / 220, and that plays a great deal into my preferences. It doesn't mean that I don't love your vintage CB400, but it does mean I don't fit.

email me at [email protected]

Thanks guys. I've always loved the work I've seen on here. Maybe I can give your beauty an appreciative and loving home.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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