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So, my biggest enemy here is my ignorance. What measurements do I need in order to look for a swingarm to swap? It obviously depends on the wheel I'd like to fit (clueless here again as to how big is too big and when will it start significantly altering the steering? Right now I have a 110 rear and I'm thinking 140 would look decent?) and how much fabbing of the frame I'd be willing to do, right? Also I'd like the wheelbase to remain pretty much the same but as I've got it that isn't much of an issue unless you're specifically looking for a stretched swinger right?

So far I know I'd need the pivot bolt length... and my knowledge runs out there. Pile me with difficult terms of other stuff I'd need to hunt down or try and measure please.
Lets pretend I've perhaps gotten lucky and found a pretty straight on swap - what's my next step here now with setting up the mono? Do the +/- 10 (for example) degrees or so play a large role or is it okay as long as it more or less stays in the same upright position?

Also since I'm 'sort of' going for a cafe style or a beefier retro look, I'd want a tubular swingarm. Now would I be better off having one fabbed for me or are there some swingarms out there for me to try and get my hands on? (I do know a place in my town that could handle fabbing a swinger but would I need to have the blueprints made out myself or..?)

Found information about the SECA and Diversion XJ600s, but nothing on the pre-diversion (89 and earlier) dimensions. If anyone happens to know them or where to look, ask, I'd be most grateful. If no one knows, I guess my only choice is to just take the sa off and measure the damn thing, right?

Sorry for the rookie-ness.
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