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anyone ever heard of ?

Adam, and ctman know the owners for teh indy show. They were in teh booth next to mne.

I looked at their site adn its up and running.

If its nto Ebay then I am in basically. Ithink I will through a few odds and ends on ther adn see how they doo.

Just an FYI to let you know there is an ebay alternative Plus they are bikers and its a motorcycle only site

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Yea, It is a brand new thing, they are putting togeather and I'm sure there's not much to it right now.( the only reason i haven't turned anyone on to it yet ! ) They are doing alot of promotional things to get it up and rollin. It will be nice after some time, cuz it is motorcycle only !

My fingers are crossed it will take off !! :party-smiley:

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They dont have much.

I typed in "1000RR suspension" and nothing, then "900RR" and nothing...then i just typed "motor" and got a pair of leather chaps, lol.

Leather chaps with a motor! cool!:LolLolLolLol:
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